Cava Sangria, because it is almost summer!

Today we have had very nice weather indeed and the sun has been shining from a bule sky. Nothing makes me think of vaccation more than such weather. So I thought I'd give you a sugestion on how to make a nice Cava Sangria. Sangria is a very personal thing and of course you can make it how ever you want and ad what ever fruits and spirits you like. This is just an example to get you started.


  • 2 cups well chilled sparkling mineral water or 7up/sprite (depending on how fresh/sweet you want it)

  • 1 cup well chilled brandy/cognac/rom (I personally like rom)

  • 2 table spoons of sugar

  • 2 (750-ml) bottles well chilled Cava (brut nature is my sugestion if you don't want it super sweet)

  • Sliced oranges and strawberries (and maybe some mintleafes)

Mix mineral water/7up with the spirit of your choice and some sugar. Mix until the sugar disolves. Then pour it over ice and fruit and ad the chilled cava. Ready to be served!


Fresh and sugarfree cavadrink for hot summer days

Sometimes it’s nice to make something really refreshing on those hot summer days that we are currently experiencing here in Sweden. Preferably something that does not contain that much alcohol. Here is a drink that I  love!

Summer cavadrink

4 glasses (+ refill)


1 lime
20 leaves of mint
1 bottle of cava brut nature
1 bottle 1,5 L Sprite Zero

Put a large cube of ice in each glass and cut the lime in slices or how you might like it. Take the leaves of mint and tear them in to pieces. It is better to tear them since you get the flavour out more effectively. 
Put lime and mint in the glasses and pour over the brut nature cava about half way in the glass and top up with sprite zero.  

If you want a sweeter drink you can of course use a brut or semi-seco depending on your taste.


Hope that you all are enjoying summer!


Search for Cava in the archipelago a.k.a vacation

We have been off line for a while... well not really, because I have occasionally done some tweeting and face-booking. But on the blog from there has been quiet.The once of you who follow me on a regular basis knows that the blogging always goes in to high gear during our trips to Penedés, but on a boat it is a bit more tricky.

Anyway. We have had a lovely time ans although we stuffed the small boat with as much cava as we could, we looked for our favourite bubbles in every port where they had a restaurant or bar. And I must say that we did pretty good. So I though I'd tell you what we brought and where you can find cava in Stockholm's archipelago if you don't want to bring your own. IMG_0001

One evening we brought Vilarnau's special barrica Cava Glop! to our dear Friends S and N, and had a wonderful dinner with old friends of the family L and H. We all love bubbles and L loved Vilarnau's barrica so much that she refused to drink any other bubbles for the rest of the eventing. :-)IMG_0011

At Arhoma, the north most island in Stockholm's archipelago, we found more Vilarnau, but this time at the local harbour restaurant. So we had a glass for lunch of course.

IMG_0012 IMG_0008 IMG_0006 IMG_0010

IMG_0004After some days of sailing is is nice to come a shore in the afternoon and enjoy some cava and relax before cooking dinner, and so we did quite often. Here with Castell Sant Antoni's barricca. I'm sure that you have realised that I'm a big barrica fan. Castell Sant Antoni produces only about 40 000 bottles a year and their Cavas are absolute superb. Try them if you have a chance.

IMG_0023We of course also brought one of our long time favourites, Milesimé from Juvé y Camps. And I'm sad to say that it was our last bottle from the cellar, and it breaks my heart. We did get the bright idea to saber it on the boat, and so I did with our only knife on board.


When we had turned towards Stockholm again, we came in to post one afternoon, at Grinda. The sun was shining from a clear sky and it was 28 C. And to our happy surprise we found that the harbour restaurant had Mont Marcal to offer! It was last year we saw our friends at Mont Marcall, so it was great to try their bubbles again. And of course they were as good and crisp as we remember.

In general we had a absolutely wonderful vacation and it was great to see that even the outposts in the archipelago have realised that Cava is the way to go. Here and there they pop up, and these I have presented are only two places. I'm sure there are more, you just have to go and have a look yourself.


Things are growing at Juvé y Camps

One of my friends in Penedès is one of the winemakers at Juvé y Camps, and he is so kind as to keep me posted on what is going on in the vine yards. This gives me a chance to keep up to date with how everything is going and what they think about the coming harvest. This spring has apparently been very wet and the risk for mildew has been higher than normal. But now when the summer has come we hope for good weather for the grapes so that they can grow in peace, so that we can get a good harvest after summer.

Last winter I visited Institute del Cava and some producers to learn how to prune the vines, and I had a great time an learned so much. One of the visits was at Juvé y Camps and apparently the vines I pruned still lives, so I can not have been to bad, which is nice.

The last report I got from my friend also included some spring pictures that I of course want to share with you. Straight from the winemakers camera! Enjoy!