Segura Viudas Brut Rosado

segura viudas This is a real classic that I have recommended to so many people. It used to be available at the Swedish monopoly on the shelf for many years but unfortunately no longer. It has really been one of those cavas I have "fallen back on" and often had some in my cellar "just in case" you know.

It is a very nice, easy rosé that suits most people it seems and it still has character in my opinion. It is made from 90% trepat and 10% garnacha, which makes it fruity, but not in that strawberry/pinot way, if you know what I mean. This fruitiness is more of a cherry, cranberry, raspberry style which I like. The mousse is good and it is an overall nice and likable rosé. Here in Sweden it costs 89:- and you have to order it (nr 7779) at the monopoly. But I think it is definitely worth it, if you what something good but not very complicated for a low price, to just pop when you feel like it.

Forcing spring and Happy Friday Cava!

 sippor I know that I'm going on and on about the spring that is just not coming. But now it is close, so close. The sun has been shining for over a week now, but since it is still cold the snow just does not want to go away. But I found these small flowers on a sunny slope this afternoon while walking the dog. So there is hope!

But there is more one can do to get that spring feeling. For example hacking up all the ice and snow on the porch, so it will melt faster in the sun, and plant seeds. I have done both. And I'm so happy that my small geraniums are doing alright. pelargonAnd more things are to come and this summer I will have both flowers and herbs and vegetables that are all home grown! But the final and most important way of forcing and enhancing the feeling of spring is after all Rosé Cava! So this afternoon I put a very nice and fruity bottle from Valformosa on ice (literaly as you can see). And now when I'm done writng this I'll pop the cork together with my darling husband.

I can highly recommend Valformosas Rosé, because it will make anyone happy. Based on Granacha and Monastrell it has that fantastic fruity, meditarainian style that is to die for! Next time you are close to Villafranca, you should really take the time to visit them. Situated just 5 minutes outside the city centre.

This is my Friday tip to you... Take someone you love and share something nice with them, a glass of cava, some food, a hug, a nice memory from the spring last, and you'll see that you will get that warm spring feeling.

                                                                 Happy Friday! cava

Long time no see

I'm sorry for beeing absent. But the last work with the swedish translation of the book has taken all my time (after my "normal job"), so I have been quite stressed out. But now it is finished and sent to the printer. Delivery is pland to the first week of december, so cross your fingers and line up to get a copy. :-)  Now we are allready in November and it feels like time has just run by so quickly since we left Penedès. We miss it of course, but with some cava in the cellar we never miss a happy Friday cava. And today it is Friday!! Unfortunately I have to celebrate it alone with the dog and the crazy cats, since I'm working late and Andréas is off to see Chris Isak in concert. But I'm not complaining.

I at least wanted to let you know that the book will be called "Cava - bubblande glädje" in swedish. I will put it out on the web-shop as soon as I get it. So keep an eye out.

Happy friday everyone!

PS: I think I'll have some rosé when I get home.



The #Happy_Friday_Cava of the year?

This passed Friday we had the book release, and after coming back to Stockholm on the Friday afternoon, having spent some work days in the south of Sweden, we had quite a lot to do. Luckily the books had arrived at the event location after some trouble with the shipping company, so we at least had something to show. It took longer than we thought to set up the rooms and had to call in friends to help with fixing the refreshments, setting up tables, flowers and everything else. (Thank you so much all of you who helped!! ) But we made it in time and managed to get all the Cava loaded up in the fridge in the bar in time. Four producers, Freixenet, Codorníu, Vilarnau and Recaredo, who all have products available at the special ordering section at monopoly here in Sweden, had most kindly contributed with Cava. I wanted to try to get the guests to try something else that they could easily order to spread their interest a little wider.

When the guests arrived I held a little speech about the book,the ideas and the people I had not been able to do without during the process and what the evening had in store with the Cava available to try and what is special about these houses. Then started the signing of the books, answering questions about the Cava the guests were trying and welcoming more friends and their friends coming late.

During the evening we had about 100 people enjoying fantastic Cava and the response was great! People were so positive and everyone found a favourite among the bubbles. Many guests also admitted that they often buy Cava but do not know much about it, so now they were so happy to be able to learn more. And to my delight quite a lot of guests asked me about good places to stay and visit when going to Penedés, since they thought the pictures we showed during the evening  was so inspiring.

A fantastic evening with so much positive energy that I'm glad to have been able to spread to at least hundred people.

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to a fantastic evening! And thank you Freixinet, Codorníu, Recaredo and Vilarnau for making such fantastic Cava that people just love for their own differences and qualities!

More pictures are coming soon I hope.

A great tapas and Cava evening!

Yesterday I spent some time with my lovely friends, enjoying great tapas and Cava.It is just wonderful and so simple to gather your friends and everyone brings something that they like. Even though we were only five of us, we had; dates with bacon (one of my favourites), pata negra, chorizo, olives, tortilla patata in two versions, manchego, garlic and tomato bred with oil, and some other small snacks. It was fantastic and we had a lovely time bringing up old memories and new, updating each other on what has happen in our lives recently and sharing good stories and plans for the future. It was a great evening and we all agreed that we have to do it all again soon!

Good friends are the best, and I'm so grateful that I know so many fantastic people. Thank you my friends for a lovely lovely evening, I hope that we get together soon again!!!


Pink bubbles for Valentines Day

It is a lot of discussions about what to drink on Valentines day and many of us seems to be very focused on Pink bubbles. I like the idea and just say Go ahead!Personally I'm going to drink my pink bubbles tonight and probably "normal" bubbles tomorrow. But we will see.

I just wanted to give you some Cava inspiration when it comes to pink bubbles. But since I have no idea what brands and bottles that are available where just YOU are, I'll just go crazy and recommend some that I just like. And this is no ranking, just nice Cavas!

  • Juvé y Camps rosé, made from Pinot noir.
  • Segura Viudas rosado, made from Trepat and 10% Granacha.
  • Pere Ventura brut rosé, made from Trepat.
  • Mont Marcal brut rosé, made from Trepat.
  • Freixenet Cordon rosado, made from 70 % Trepat and 30 % Granacha
  • Freixenet Elyssia rosé, 85 % Pinot noir, 15 % Trepat
  • Codorniu Pinot noir rosé, 100% Pinot noir
  • Gramona Rosé, 100% Pinot rosé
  • Vilarnau Rosé,  90 % Trepat and 10% Pinot noir



Pink cava for breast cancer

Today I have done many things here in Penedés, but one of the last things I did was visiting Gramona. And I just felt I had to share their project with you. Gramona has taken their Pinot noir Rosé and made a special edition to to help fund programs for breast cancer research. The money raist will later this year be given to the spanish foundations of FEFOC and Bamberg.

I love these things that companies do to get involved and help in thier own way. Just think how big a diference it makes when we all pull together and do something to help others. Next time it could be you, your mother, sister or best friend that gets the diagnosis. Would you not which then that people around the world were trying to help you and others in the same situation? I think you would.

So If you like rosé and you want to help in the fight against breast cancer you should keep a look out for this cava.