Varför inte ha en egen roséprovning hemma?

Nu är sommaren här och det är hög tid för rosé!

Det är så otroligt lätt att bli lite bekväm och handla av gammal vana på systembolagets hyllor. Men att beställa är lättare än man tror och det finns så mycket roligt att utforska.
Därför har jag satt ihop en liten rosé provning som du kan göra hemma med familj och/eller vänner. Så ladda upp med lite tilltugg och sätt ett kryss i almanackan, med fördel på en dag med fint väder. ;-)

Här kan du printa provningen.

Ha det så kul!

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Segura Viudas Brut Rosado

segura viudas This is a real classic that I have recommended to so many people. It used to be available at the Swedish monopoly on the shelf for many years but unfortunately no longer. It has really been one of those cavas I have "fallen back on" and often had some in my cellar "just in case" you know.

It is a very nice, easy rosé that suits most people it seems and it still has character in my opinion. It is made from 90% trepat and 10% garnacha, which makes it fruity, but not in that strawberry/pinot way, if you know what I mean. This fruitiness is more of a cherry, cranberry, raspberry style which I like. The mousse is good and it is an overall nice and likable rosé. Here in Sweden it costs 89:- and you have to order it (nr 7779) at the monopoly. But I think it is definitely worth it, if you what something good but not very complicated for a low price, to just pop when you feel like it.

Forcing spring and Happy Friday Cava!

 sippor I know that I'm going on and on about the spring that is just not coming. But now it is close, so close. The sun has been shining for over a week now, but since it is still cold the snow just does not want to go away. But I found these small flowers on a sunny slope this afternoon while walking the dog. So there is hope!

But there is more one can do to get that spring feeling. For example hacking up all the ice and snow on the porch, so it will melt faster in the sun, and plant seeds. I have done both. And I'm so happy that my small geraniums are doing alright. pelargonAnd more things are to come and this summer I will have both flowers and herbs and vegetables that are all home grown! But the final and most important way of forcing and enhancing the feeling of spring is after all Rosé Cava! So this afternoon I put a very nice and fruity bottle from Valformosa on ice (literaly as you can see). And now when I'm done writng this I'll pop the cork together with my darling husband.

I can highly recommend Valformosas Rosé, because it will make anyone happy. Based on Granacha and Monastrell it has that fantastic fruity, meditarainian style that is to die for! Next time you are close to Villafranca, you should really take the time to visit them. Situated just 5 minutes outside the city centre.

This is my Friday tip to you... Take someone you love and share something nice with them, a glass of cava, some food, a hug, a nice memory from the spring last, and you'll see that you will get that warm spring feeling.

                                                                 Happy Friday! cava