Fresh and sugarfree cavadrink for hot summer days

Sometimes it’s nice to make something really refreshing on those hot summer days that we are currently experiencing here in Sweden. Preferably something that does not contain that much alcohol. Here is a drink that I  love!

Summer cavadrink

4 glasses (+ refill)


1 lime
20 leaves of mint
1 bottle of cava brut nature
1 bottle 1,5 L Sprite Zero

Put a large cube of ice in each glass and cut the lime in slices or how you might like it. Take the leaves of mint and tear them in to pieces. It is better to tear them since you get the flavour out more effectively. 
Put lime and mint in the glasses and pour over the brut nature cava about half way in the glass and top up with sprite zero.  

If you want a sweeter drink you can of course use a brut or semi-seco depending on your taste.


Hope that you all are enjoying summer!