Airfield or vineyard... Nadal has been both.

We all know about Franco, but spending time here in Catalonia makes you realize that it is really not at all long since he died and the scars he left on this land are very vivid to be sure. 
Visiting the cava producer Nadal, makes this "history" even more resent, and I will tell you why.


On Tuesday the 21st we had the privilege to once again visit Nadal, this time with both our children, since Karl-Bertil was not born last time we were here. But taking a left and driving down the road between the vineyards made it feel like only yesterday we were here. 
That road is also very special since it makes a line between the two vineyards where the one on the left was pulled up by Franco's men, and the one on the right left alone. One morning they were just there, pulling up the vines to make an airfield. An airfield later to be used to fly in and bomb Barcelona. Part of the winery was expropriated too, and used as a hangar. It's hard to believe it know when you see it. 

This year its Nadal's 70 year anniversary as cavamakers and of course you can taste the experience in their cavas, elegant but yet strong is how I would describe their portfolio if I could only use two words. Now when I soon will be going back to Sweden I will make some space in the luggade for some bottles of Salvatge and RNG. 


Xavier Nadal who is the owner and winemaker, does only use the three traditional grapes (Xarel-lo, Macabeu and Parellada) for his white cavas, and to make the terroir shine through as much as possible, he does not use wood in any part of the process. 


Although I do like the entire portfolio, my long term favorite has been (and is still) the Salvatge Rosé, made from Pinot Noir. It is elegant but still strong. Terribly easy to fall in love with! Luckily for all you Swedes, Salvatge rosé is rumored to come to the swedish monopoly soon, and I will be a big customer!
Salvatge means savage in Catalan, but I must admit that even though it is powerful, it is still super elegant. I prefer to read it as wild, as it is a clean expression of the land it is from. Either way it is amazing!

If you get the chance to try any of Nadal's cavas you really should!