A new bubbly magazine! Glass of bubbly

Dear bubble friends! Do I have happy news for you?!Maybe you already know about the glossy magazine from the UK that only focuses on bubbles, or you have missed this wonderful news. C1nSmTdlI got in contact with the crew at Glass of bubbly trough Twitter, where they are very active indeed. But you will find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest too if you are more into those social medias. The magazine is just out with its third issue which you can order through their website, glassofbubbly.com, they ship it everywhere! Not only do they have this great glossy magazine that is perfect to cosy up with in a nice chair, a blanket and a glass of sparkling, they also have a great website that is full of great information. gob1If you are into cava, proseco, champagne or english sparkling does not matter, because they hae articles on all of it.

I'm extra happy to tell you that I am right now working on two articles for the forth issue, since I have been asked to cover cava for the magazine. I am of course very happy and honoured by this and will do my very best indeed. So if you have not all ready checked out the Glass of Bubbly website or their social media feed I really sugest you do!

Cheers and happy reading!

Programa Terra i Vi - great short programs!

Andréas and me have for a long time wondered why there is so little information about Penedès and the cava and wine producers in a informative, simple and professional manner? It is so easy to create films, clips and use social media to promote whatever it is you want to promote. 
The individual producers are often great with social media, but there has been very quiet from the region at large. Of course I might have missed something, but if I did maybe that just tells us that it did not reach that many, at least not internationally where the big market is to be honest. Skärmavbild 2014-08-25 kl. 11.32.19Now the Penedès region seems to have pulled together and started short informative programs available on youtube called Programa Terra Vi. Absolutely fabulous! Finally! But unfortunately we seem to have to wait for the versions with English subtitles, because as always it is all in Spanish. The Youtube translation service does not work in an optimal way unfortunately.

The programs are around 13 minutes long and focuses on one producer in each program, plus some information about winemaking in general. It is all very structured and inspirational, and at the end of each show Ton Collet, sommelier at Vinseum Taverna, gives a few opinions about some of the chosen wines from the producer in question. 
It is great to see Ton in action, and that his great knowledge is put to good use. Ton has thought Andréas and me so much about local wines, and we always get a great recommendation when we want to try something new at the taverna.


So far there are thirteen shows available that focuses on the following producers: 1. Sumarroca 2. Heretat Mont Rubí 3. Loxarel 4. Domènech Vidal 5. Nadal 6. Llopart 7. Oriol Rossell 8. Albet i Noya 9. Mas Bertran 10. Mas Tinell 11. Can Bas 12. Vilarnau 13. Can Descregut

I can really recommend them if you want to learn more about the region. Well done to D.O Penedès who is the organisation behind the movies!

We want to see more of this! And hopefully in english!

Another year has passed

It is amazing how fast a year can pass. On the 13th of December we had some friends over for dinner and the subject of 2013 came up. We could all agree that it has passed by us while we have been thinking about other things. Well maybe not entirely true, because we have been extremely busy as usual, but somehow we now stand here at the end of the year and remember very little of what we have actually done. So I thought I’d share some pictures with you so you can see what we have been up to, and maybe some pieces of the puzzle will fall in the right places for me too, memory  wise.

And I also want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve and a marvelous 2014!


Nominated "Best Europena wine book" at Gourmand Awards in Paris.

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve   pighuset 1

Found new Cava bars/restaurants in London (Copa de Cava) and on the island of Gotland (Pighuset)


Got a visit from one of the big swedish newspapers who wrote a great article. You can find it here if you read Swedish. :-) Anna was also in a cooking show talking about Cava. You can see it here.

DSC_1001DSC_1003  DSC01431

Fantastic updates on how the spring was developing at Juvé y Camps from our friend Antonio, who also turnd out to be a great photographer. And you migth find some of his pictures in the new book if we are lucky.

IMG_0006 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0021 IMG_0012 IMG_0023

Investigating the Cava supply in Stockholm's archipelago, and bringing some of our own as well.

_MG_7545  _MG_7547

Hosting some tastings on one of the crusing ships in Sweden. Happy people!

jessi022bottlesandmaker033statybarbara and JoanmrBmariayannautsiktoldcavameramustanna och jordibildtheboysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Visiting our fantastic friends in Penedès, which is our favorite thing!

Confraria 5

Receiving the Confraria de merit, which was a great night an honor!


Of course more things ave happend, but these are the major things. :-)



Cava on swedish web-tv

This weekend I had the chance to participate in a cooking show on UNT web tv. I was there to talk about Cava, since Liselotte (the chef) was making tapas. We had a wonderful time, and the tapas that Liselotte cooked was absolutely wonderful, with one of my favourite tapas, padrones. But also Manchego, marinated olives and patatas con riojos. To this I brought, Segura Viudas Brut Rosé, Recaredo Brut Nature 2007, Anna de Codorniu and Freixenet Reserva Real. All wonderfull Cavas.

You can see the show here.

If you know swedish you can read the article about me, Andréas and the book, that was published in UNT on the 26th of October 2012. Article


Cava next time you go to London?

First time I heard about Copa de Cava, was when Casey,  @TravelCorkscrew, wrote about it on her blog. A Spanish restaurant, Camino, in London, that on the 17th of May opened a bar focused on Cava. With a range of 29 cavas, eight by the glass, from £4.75 a glass up to Recaredo Reserva Particular 2002 at £95 a bottle, they must be the most well ranged Cava bar outside Spain.

I did of course contact Camino to congratulate them on their fantastic initiative. But unfortunately I couldn't fly over to the premier. But you can count on that I will be there as soon as I possibly can!

In the mean time I'm keeping up with what they are up to on Twitter, and if you want to do the same you'll find them under @Camino or on facebook.

London Evening Standard wrote about Cavas increasing status in London just two days ago, in relation to Copa de Cava´s opening. It is good reading http://www.standard.co.uk/

So next time you go to London I hope that you visit them and have a nice glass of Cava, and I'm sure you find one that you have not tried before.

Cava on the Swedish radio

In January and yesterday we could hear some talk about Cava on the Swedish radio.I'm not always happy with their attitude and sometimes they cant get their facts right. But I'm of course delighted that they recommend Cavas from the monopoly! First out was Lotta Bromé and Carl-Jan Granqvist on the 17th of january, who talked briefly about how you make cava and also gave us two recommendations. Sadly Carl-Jan says that Cava is a "method" of making wine while Champagne is a region... Some people maight missunderstand that.

Here you can listen to the program. If you understand Swedish :-) They recommend: Campo Viejo: nr 7782 at the monopoly for only 69 SEK Segura viudas Brut Rose: nr 7779 at the monopoly only 75 SEK

Then we had Vin i P4 who talked about Cava on the 25th of April (yesterday), with Anna Nilsson as expert. A very nice short program in two parts, and the only thing I have to comment on is that Anna says that you can make Cava anywhere in Spain, and that it is not controlled in the same way as Champagne, which is wrong. But apart from that it is a very nice program indeed.

You can find it here.

The recommend: Malvasia by Freixenet: nr 74222 at the monopoly for 149 SEK Anna de Codorníu Brut (nr 7369) 89 SEK Marqués de Monistrol Brut (nr 7710) 79 SEK

Well worth a listen if you have 10 minutes to spare!

Looking back at 2012 part two

After May and the fantastic trip we had, it was back to work and at the same time finishing up the book. During the summer we did manage to have some wonderful cava moments and many of them were out sailing.

To finish up the book was very hard work but we made it and at the end of August the book came finally from the printer. And we had a great book release in Uppsala.

We presented some of the producers that we have learned to know, and the guests got information about them and an opportunity to try some great cava available in Sweden.

During the later parts of the summer the cavabook and cava in general was seen in Swedish press.

The spanish wine day in Stockholm took place in the middle of september. I had the opportunity to host a tasting with 35 happy wine lovers. And they got the chance to try cavas from Marques de Monistrol, Juvé y Camps, Mestres and Gramona, everything very happily received by the participants. And I was so glad to be able to talk about cava, and spread the word.

Josep from Mestres came up to visit Alambic, and I hope that we will soon see some of their cavas here in sweden.

Then in October it was time for Cava tast and the presentation of the book in Sant Sadurní!

Cava tast grand opening!Last preparation before the presentation. I was so happy and moved that so many showed up and that people were so involved in my project. It was truly a fantastic experience.  

the girls liked the book!

Then we got ready for cava tast in the evening with wonderful cava and the opportunity to meet this years cava queen. A fantastic evening with our friends!

We were also so extremely lucky to be invited to stay at Raventós i Blanc, and they took so good care of us, so we wish that we could move there! We feel truly honored to have such friends. And of course we hope to be able to come back. :-)

We cooked on the BBQ outside, almost every day and could enjoy the fantastic cava the house makes. De Nit, the pale rosé made by Ravenós i Blanc is truly one of my favorites. But we managed to try most of their portfolio and I'm very glad that we do get some of their great cavas in Sweden.





One day we took a trip in to Barcelona to visit Quim in the Boqueira, and to leave him a book as promised. And I had the chance to have my favorite on the menu; caramelized foi. We just love El Quim and really long for coming back to have lunch again.

The 13th of October Andréas had his birthday and we went to Florian and Veronica at Cal ruget so have some dinner. And they had made it so nice that we could not have wished fore anything better! and they had bought Andréas a cake!

The day after Andréas had to go home and I moved in with my dear friends Rosó and Partic. And we started to visit Colomer where we had a fantastic time!

The big event after Andréas had left was the tasting Recaredo held for the anniversary of Reserva Particular. A fantastic event with old  vintages of exceptional quality.

After the amazing tasting we got equally amazing food in the winery. El Cellar de Can Roca made the food and it was amazing to say the least!

I visited Valformosa on a very sunny morning and had a wonderful tour with Angel, who showed me around. And I also had the chance to try a wide ranch of their great cavas.




Me and my wonderful hosts also visited Marues de Gelida and tried one of their bio cavas.







Then I also went to se Toni at Torelló, on the way towards Gelida. And I really do not understand why I have not visited them before. I had a great time there and Toni showed me the production and told me about the family history which was extremely interesting. Next time I'll bring Andréas along.  Toni also showed me a fantastic new press that I had not seen before. A way of filling the press with gas (I don't remember which one) so the grapes has no way to oxidize. 







When I came home and started working again, I fond Vilarnau Cava when I was flying from a very small airport in sweden. I was very surprised but very happy! Cava is spreading!



Then The Swedish book came! And now the work is done. English and Swedish version done and printed, and now will will see what happens.

In november I also found out that I had been picked out  among all swedish wine books this year as the "best wine book in the world (Except france)" in the Gourmand cook book awards, and now I have made it to the final in February. It is me against 4 outer books. So now I cross my fingers!

At the end of the year we needed to get all our books and papers ready for the tax office and to make it a bit more fun we found a Cordon negro in the fridge! Jiipii!





And just before christmas I read in the biggest swedish daily paper that Raventós i Blanc's brut nature was recommended with 6 out of 6 points, which indicates "a bargain" in that papers terms. I was so happy for my friends at Raventós and for all cava lovers!




Then New years eve came and we had a great dinner with our frineds at our house with lots of great cava. A fantastic way to end 2012!


I have probably forgot many wonderful things that happend this year. But I have such a mess among my photos, and I do know that many are missing. But I think I got most of it.


Now I just want to wish you all a fantastic 2013, and I hope that it will be a great one with a nice harvest and a lot of new chances to explore new cavas and meet new producers and cava lovers!

Happy New Year!!


Beeing recommended is always nice.

I must admit that mostly it is just fantastic, everything about the book you know, but some times it is just exhausting. I have been quite exhausted lately I must admit, and when my brain feels like boiling over and I still have 10 mails I have to answer after coming home from a long day at work (my real job), I wonder why I keep on doing it. But the answer is easy, because I love Cava! This morning was a good morning. I woke up at 10 when my sister in law called, and since I had not talked to her in ages it was really great to here how things were at her end. After hanging up I realized that I had to crawl out of bed and start my day, and so I did.

Sitting having breakfast I find out that the best wine critic (in my opinion) in Sweden has recommended my book in the morning paper, and suddenly the day went from good to very good. I celebrated with a long walk with the dog and when I came home eating the left over meringue cake from yesterday. So now I have a "sugar head ache" and have to go and lie down a bit. But still it is a very good Sunday.

The Spanish wine day in Stockholm

It was a great day at Grand hotel on Monday with the Spanish wine day arranged by the ICEX here in Sweden. I had the chance to present my book and also the great honour to host a Cava tasting with some great Cavas.

Sweden is more and more getting the "hang of things" and many have actually understood that all sparkling wines cant be compared. And since the interest in wine in general is so large here in Sweden people are quick to learn (when they want to). During the presentation about Cava I had the opportunity to talk a bit about the region, and what makes Cava special. And then of course share information about the houses we were tasting and talk a bit about their philosophies and focus areas.

The response was very positive and many of the participants were sad about the fact that 3 out of 5 Cavas at the tasting are not avalible in Sweden yet. But on the other hand they got a new reason for visiting Penedès!

I hope to receive some more pictures from the tasting soon and will of course post them then.

(You can see below what Cavas we tried from Gramona, Mestres, Juvé y Camps, Recaredo and Marques de Monistrol)