Välgörenhetsprovning 4:e maj

Kom igen nu! Innan den 24:e april måste du och dina fina vänner anmäla er till välgörenhetsprovninigen på Norrlands! Vi siktar på att det skall bli den största cvaprovningen i Uppsala och troligen Sverige någonsin! Hjälp oss att fylla gamla salen och skrapa ihop lite pengar till renoveringsfonden. Utlottning av fina priser blir det dessutom som bonus! Komsi komsi!

A day for foodies and other lovers of life!

This Saturday we spent with other food and wine loving friends. We were chefs, food bloggers, crasy foodies, food stylists, photographers, authors, sommeliers, youtubers, (and others), who met up to fill a whole day with just food, wine and nerdy things that has to do with just those two things. We learned how to "style" food for pictures, cook absurdly nice desserts (and learning all the tricks to make it look advanced when its not), tried some extremely nice cavas and cooked more strange food. All this thanks to my friends who run the food blogg "glimten i grytan". Me and Karin did a Cava TV episode about cava and swedish Semlor a while back). Here below you can see how the day developed in pictures. IMG_2740




IMG_2752 IMG_2750









After this we went home and slept like loggs! But the day was amazing and we met so many new friends that have the same interests as we do. Hopfully we will all keep in contact through social media. Thanks to everyone who particiapted and a million thanks to Karin and Ulrik who organised it all. AND a big thank you to all the producers who made the fantastic cavatasting possible!







TGIF med Glimten i grytan/ TGIF with our food blogging friends

  Yesterday we were invited to have dinner with our foodblogging friends www.glimtenigrytan.se.

We loaded up the baby in the car, took a bottle of cold Castel Sant Antoni, Cami Del Sot, and a copy of the new book, and were off! Karin lives just outside Uppsala in a lovely house that just made me want to go home and start decorating at home. I just got so many good ideas! Anyhow...



...Karin was cooking veggie chilly, and we were nine happy people in all who gathered in the kitchen with a glass of cava before dinner. The cava we brought was much appreciated and we got the chance to talk about all the fantastic things with Penedès.


Our friends that write at Glimten i Grytan are really good food bloggers and very active in all that is food. Last weekend Karin had the Apple boys at home, taking care of all the apples in her garden, making wonderful juice, that we had to the chilly. Apparently it worked great, and the juice turned out fantastic. If you are a customer at ICA, and get the member’s magazine "Buffé", you can see  Karin and Glimten i Grytan in this September issue.

Skärmavbild 2014-09-20 kl. 10.49.12

Just before we left Karin shared some of her sourdough culture with me, so now I can bake Levain bread too!

Thanks a million for a great evening!

Leap year day, only every 4th year!

Today is a very special day! It is a day that only occurs every 4th year, and it is also the day (according to very old traditions that can/and should be ignored) when women could ask there sweetheart to marry her. So look out all men out there! No matter if you are proposing to your darling or just treating this day as any other normal working day, I just want to tell you this... Celebrate! This day will not come again for another four years, and on top of everything it is "hump day". A perfect day to celebrate!

And of course I have a suggestion. For once I think that you should try something sweet. Namely a fantastic Cava made on 100% Malvasia, and with a dosage of sweet sherry like wine, that makes it a great partner to desserts like crema catalana and chocolate cake. And I think that leap year day and "hump day" can be worth celebrating with some dessert too.

The name of the Cava is Freixenet Malvasia, and I think that it is the 2001 that is available in the stores now.

But if you cant get a hold of this one, just take something that you like and enjoy it. Enjoy like and everything that is good, because there are so many things to be great full about!

Personally I'm going to trim our hedge of Lilacs today, so that it will look good this summer, and that I'm very happy about! Happy leap year day!


It is snowing... again!

Yesterday it really felt like the spring was not to far away. The sun was shining and the birds were singing their "spring songs", but then something happened. It started to snow last night! When I came home from my tastings it had snowed 7 cm or so and more was coming down. Today when I woke up it had not stopped snowing and the sky is gray and I have even seen a man on his snowmobile! Where is this world going??

I so long for spring now that I could die!