Textures de Pedra 2013

For a very long time I’ve had plans to write more about specific bottles I find interesting and that I really would like to share with you. That list is growing all the time but I am just not getting it done. Even though I love writing, there are always so many things going on and it just never happens. But now finally I want to tell you about this sparkling wine I tried on the 28th of November. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this already.

Textures de Pedra is not a cava, even though it is made right smack in the middle of cava country. The producer Raventós i Blanc is a fantastic quality producer of sparkling wine, that is one of many, that some years ago made the choice to leave DO Cava. The family history in this aspect is rather interesting, but I will leave that out here, let’s focus on the wine.

Textures de Pedra 2013 is a real rare blend. A blanc de noir or “blanc de negres”, depending on your choice of language, made with Xarel-lo vermell, Bastard Negre and Sumoll as "focus grapes". This is really cool for any Penedès neard. Why? Because you will never have come across a sparkling blend like this and because the grapes are very special. Bastard Negre I have no relation to whatsoever so I will have to ask Pepe to educate me on this one, but Xarel-lo Vermell and Sumoll are very special. XV for starters is a Xarel-lo that is “reddish”, blushing or a darker kind of the traditional grape (its hard to describe because as I understand it Xarel-lo Vermell is bit of a "shape-shifter". I have for example seen bunches that are half “normal” and half “reddish”. It is all very strange, but it clearly has a distinct likeness with its pale sister. Sumoll on the other hand is a very red grape indeed and not always that likable in my experience. Some younger sumolls I have tried have been rowdy, full of ego but no real substance and rather rough around the edges, basically like some boys in their twenties. The winemaker who wants to get involved with Sumoll really needs to know what he/she is doing because this grape will give you tough love.  But treated right it can be super interesting and delisious.

So, you can imagine my fascination with this blend! Well Pepe and his team definitely know what they are doing, that’s for sure! Here there are no rough edges as far as the eye can see. A truly unique style that I have never tasted before, with nice acidity, fantastic bubbles that linger and a balance between the aged notes and the fruitiness. It is surly a “must try”, and I will try to get my hands on another bottle as soon as I can.

As I wrote on Instagram: this wine really makes me realize how much I have missed Raventòs I Blanc! I have not been there since before 2014 now, because it was definitely before the kids came. But this summer I’ll do something about it and I promise I’ll write a post about it with lots of pictures.

If you want technical details about Textures de Pedra 2013 you will find them here: www.raventos.com

Hasta luego, Hasta próxima or Hasta pronto?

Three weeks in and the Spanish is progressing you might think? Well I guess it does, but in the back of our heads where we don't notice. My mind still goes blank in restaurants, and I sometimes find my self repeating verbs... Yo tengo, tú tiene, el/ella tienes, nosotros tenemos, tienen...Its like my mind is constantly occupied with kids, cava, Instagram, friends, food, excursions, times to keep, book keeping, taxes and on top of it all Spanish. My brain must think I'm insane to try to learn something new in a already overloaded and over heated state of mind. Well we will see if I can make it fly or if I'll crash and burn.

Three weeks in with people coming and going Andreas and I have that strange feeling that we just came, and at the same time that we have been here for ever. Even though our departure is just one and a half week away, thinking about going home feels strange and unnatural. I suppose that is one of the signs of us growing accustom to Penedés and that we honestly see it as our second home. Its a nice feeling. Hopefully we will have the chance to spend more time here since we are now looking for a hose to rent long term, and maybe we will look at some houses next week. Its all very exciting and that would mean that all of you reading the blog could come here and rent it. Since we will then also rent it to friends when we are not there our selves. I'll tell you more about it when it happens.

One thing that I think I have got a grip on though is the meaning of these "good buy"-fraces... Hasta pronto = we will see each other soon and you know it will be during that same day. Hasta Luego = we will se each other soon but don't know exactly when. Hasta proxima= we will see each other later and that can be a day a week or a month. Who knows. Hasta mañana = see you tomorrow.