"Simple Champagne as good as the best Cava". Really??

I woke up this morning after a week of fever, flu and not enough energy to even climb out of bed. I'm sorry about not writing during this time, but I just couldn't. This morning I woke up because my dad called me to ask if I had read the sunday paper yet. One of my favorite wine critics here in Sweden, Bengt-Göran Kronstam, had apparently written an article that daddy thought I should read. The title of it was "Simple Champagne as good as the best Cava". As you might understand, my blood started to boil just by hearing the title, so I "rushed" up to get my paper.

The article is actually an answer to a readers question.

I am very disappointed in Bengt-Göran I must say. Although he does bring up the technical things that are the same when it comes to the production, but he also says that every Champagne bottle goes through 200 "subopperations" during it's production, like Cava didn't although it is the same method!?!

He continues; "If you want to be nice you could say that the simplest Champagne is about the same level as the best Cava", and claims that Cava producers mask flaws in their wines with sugar! Its preposterous!

He like everyone else does the grave mistake to compare Champagne and Cava, in that "unfair way", while seemingly being totally unaware of that he is doing it! He writes; "Most Cavas reach the market after one year while, good champagne should be six years so it will have time to develop its full taste and character". Well, Bengt-Göran, there are many Cavas that are aged longer than six years and they too get more complex. But you will never be able to ignore the fact that these are to different wines that has completely different souls!

I drink Cava when I want Cava and Champagne when I want Champagne, plain and simple!

Now I'll take a walk to calm my self.