If you are in to cava and also social media you might have seen the "1Day1Cava" campaign? Personally I love the idea of 1Day1Cava! Just imagine if you had time to get to know one cava a day. Then you'd have a pretty great overview in just one year. Not that you would know them all, but it would be a great start.Personally I have had a thought of having one cava a week that I'd present, but I have not come as far yet. But soon very soon.

The 1Day1Cava campaign is launched by Institut del cava to promote and spread awareness about the producers and their beloved cavas. The campaign will continue this January out and then I'll guess we will see.

Here below are some pictures from the campaign and if you want to have a look in social media just use the hashtag #1Day1Cava

The book is on the way to print!

My goodness!Even though it was less than two years ago we did the first book I had forgotten how much back and forth mailing it was at the end. Now the second book is finally ready it seems, and is sent to print. We are so excited both me and Andréas. Especially about the fact that we have been able to write about the things we love about Barcelona and Penedès.

We have also had the great opportunity to present 19 producers, and we hope that this will make consumers in Sweden more interested in the area, cavas and the people who make them.

As always we have tried to be as personal as possible. :-)

I cant give you the entire inside of the book but this below is the intro to the chapter about the producers. I'll let you know when it is available in the stores.

Sunny and bubbly regards!


I'm on a boat!

_MG_7500Yesterday we packed our bags and went on a trip with "realationsbåten" The networking boat, which is a yearly event for the entrepreneurs and companies of Uppsala, to make new connections and find new interesting people and companies to work with.We were invited to host four Cava tastings, sponsored by the law firm Ahlford, which we were of course delighted to do.

It is quite different to host tastings on a large cruise ship I must admit, but lots of fun! To our help we had the wonderful staff of the boat's wine bar who were really amazing.

Coming from Sweden and the monopoly, it is always nice to find other Cavas on the menu, like the case here on the boat. This time we had the opportunity to talk about the houses Agustí Torelló Mata, Pere Ventura and Gramona, which was great. Starting with Agustí Torelló Mata reserva 2009, then Pere Ventura Cupatge d´Honor 2010 and finishing off with Gramona´s III Lustros, we had a nice line up and the hundred guests seemed to be very happy indeed.







After talking about the houses and cavas, I ended with asking which of the once they liked the best, and to my delight the crowd split on 1/3 on each cava. Me and Andréas love them all and was happy of course to see that the guests shared our opinion.

It has been a fantastic trip and we have has the chance to talk about Cava with wonderful people. We are also happy to report that the Taxfree shop on the boat ran out of Cava, so now when they make port they will have to stock up!

Before I finish I just have to leave you with the lonely Islands fantastic video that I just cant get out of my head! Enjoy and hope you will all have a good remaining  week!


PS: Next time you read anything on this blog it will be direct reporting from Penedes! Finally!

_MG_7532  _MG_7545



Wedding plans? Here are some tips on bubbles!

Getting married is the best thing I have ever done! I could not be happier or wish for anything more. Appart from more Cava in the cellar perhaps. ;-) If you are in the wedding planing mode right now, I just have one thing to say; Congratulations! Even though it is much to plan and things to decide and you probably feel totally overwelmed with all the choices there are out there, it is still a one in a life time thing. (lets hope) And it is just wonderfull that you found that special one that you want to share the rest of your life with and that this person feels the same about you. Not everyone is that lucky you know. 

When I got married we wanted bubbles through the entire dinner, and so we had. I'm not saying that this is the natural choice fot you, but most couples whants to raise their glasses at some point during the day and say cheers, and very often you want just bubbles in your glass when you do that.

So here are some tips from me to you on some nice afordable Cava that will give your wedding that extra sparkle!

If you like pink and those fruity notes. Then I absolutely recommend you to try Vilarnau´s brut Rosé. It is bright pink, with an obondence of red berries in the nose and mainly fresh strawberries and rasberries as dominating tastes, with nice small boubbles. I have recommended this to many weddings passed and everyone has been so happy with it. Grapes: 90% trepat and 10% pinot noir. Price in sweden: around 11 Euros* You can find more information about it here!


de nitIf you want pink but abit more descrete. Then I would sugest Raventós i Blancs De Nit. A lovely, very elegant Cava that is just slightly pink, not even "salmon coloured" I would say. It is fruity but more crisp and subtle in its caracter and would suit anyone who would like elegance above all else, but still a bubbly with those fresh and fruity notes. You will find more about De Nit here. Grapes: 43% Macabeu, 33% Xarel·lo, 19% Parellada, 5% Monastrell

Price in sweden: Around  16 Euros*


If you want something pale and classic but in a trendy packeging. Pere Ventura is a very modern producer when it comes to lables and packeging, and I love it! Their Cavas is of the clasical stile though with alot of Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel.lo: I love their cavas but here I want to recommend their Brut nature Tresor abit extra. It is a pale, crisp Cava with fruity notes and hints of honey that comes from the aging. An elegant Cava for any wedding. Grapes: 40% Xarel.lo, 40% macabeu, 20% Parellada. Price in sweden: Around 14 Euros If you want to read more about Pere Ventura or Tresor you will find them here. 




*remember that Sweden is a high tax country and that you might find them to an other price where you live.





Sabering is always fun, ecpesially at a wedding! Here my husband Andreas does it perfectly!

Still time to buy bubbles for New Year's Eve

Here in Sweden we have a monopoly as many of you all ready know. This makes it a bit more difficult for us to buy bubbles for New Years. One reason is that we don't have a very wide selection if we have not planed in advanced and ordered especially. The other reason is the opening times at the monopoly shops around Christmas. But still there is time to go and buy some bottles so we all have something we like, when we are to celebrate the coming of the new year. Since I'm out in last minute again, I will give you Swedes some tips on what you can find in the shelf selection at Systembolaget. And then some suggestions for the rest of you who might not be restricted by a monopoly. Ok Sweden first:

Raventós i Blanc Brut Nature, is a great classical Cava, and a lot of nice bubbles for your money. 99:- at the monopoly. I love Raventos, and have my self ordered their DeNit that is available in the special ordering section. A very pale rosé that looks like diamonds in the glass. If you are in Penedés any time soon I recommend that you visit the bodega. Raventos is a great place.

For the people who like a crisp citrusy tone like my friend Kajsa does, I recommend Freixenet's classic, Cordon Negro. The first Cava that came in at Systembolaget, and that has stayed on ever since. A classic for 72:-.


A third suggestion is a classic from Codorníu. Their Anna de Codorníu is a Chardonnay based Cava and very fresh and fruity with a slight bready finish. I have heard that "Anna" is Spain's most sold Cava around Christmas and new years, and here in Sweden it has also grown very popular. 99:- at the monopoly.


For the rest of you not effected by a monopoly:

Anything from the winery Mestres. A very small and high end producer. My favourit at the moment is their Brut nature Vi Sol. A fantastic cava with bready and crisp notes. These Cavas are not the cheapest, but they are well worth the price. Hopefully we will soon find at least one of their products in Sweden, but we'll see towards the spring and see how things go.

My friend Kajsa is also a fan. :-)

Juvé y Camps makes a lot of very nice Cava but right now (and for a while) I have had their Milesimé as a favorite. 100% Chardonnay and very fruity and with a nice bread tone. I have personally allready shared two bottles with the extended family this christmas. It reminds me of sunny days in the Penedès.


Last but not least I would suggest Parés Baltà's Blanca Cusiné, that I my self will have as a part of our New Year's dinner.  It is made of  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and a great flavor of bread, hazelnut, and fruit. And of top of it all it is biologically made.

A very nice family that have found the code of making great wine and cava. And I really look forward to popping the cork on our Blanca Cusiné magnum in a few days.


I would of course like to give you so many more suggestions from my favorite producers, but it would be to much. But if you find something from Gramona, Torelló, Llopart, Giro i Giro, Sant Antoni, Collomer, Recaredo, Nadal, Agustí Torelló Mata, Pere Ventura, Mascaró, Vilarnau or Valformosa for example, they have wonderful Cavas and you will never be disappointed. There are so much Cava to try and I can not remember all the Cava. But I miss them all and hope that May will come soon so I can see all my friends in Penedès soon again.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

I'm in the paper (Translated)

On request I give you the translated article from the Catalan paper El 3 de Vuit. I must say that I'm of course very excited about this even though I have had news about the publication since the article was printed. And the English version of the book will, due to the proofreading, not be printed until the beginning of summer and hence not in time for Vinordic. But on the other hand it might come out in Spanish as well already this year!! Tjohooo!

Here is the translation:

The Swedish writer and somellier, Anna Wallner, will in April come out with her first book "Cava - The Magic of Nature". The book will be presented at the Wine Fair, Vinordic, which is annually held in Stockholm. Anna Wallner began her studies to become a sommelier at the prestigious Swedish University of hotels and restaurants in Örebro. In 2010, she attended a seminar held by Professor and Secretary of the international Association of sommeliers, Micha Billing,  and here Anna decided to spend a sabbatical year to write a book about Cava. During the preparation of the book she came in contact with Institute del Cava and has so far made three visits to the wineries in Penedes, among these Juvé y Camps, Gramona, Raventós i Blanc, Freixenet, Mont Marcal, Parès Baltà, Recaredo, Vilarnau, Codorniu, and Pere Ventura, all present in the Swedish market. Anna says "I wanted to write a book for the Swedish consumer and my goal was to explain the basics of Cava". The book will be avalible in Swedish and English and in the future reach United Kingdom and the United States. Institute del Cava, the Cava producers' association in San Sadurní is one of its main objectives to promote and raise the awareness on Cava, nationally and internationally. Represents 92% of the production of Cava and 95% of exports.


In relation to this text I must clarify that it is not certain that the book will be published in the US. I have also changed the title of the book to something along the lines of "my special love for Cava" . But we will see what it will be called in the end. I also want to point out that I have writen this book for all consumers NOT only for the Swedes, and because of this it will be published in English first and the Swedish version have we not even started on. When it comes to my sommelier education I took my degree at "Vinkällan" in Stockholm and only did extra courses at the University of Örebro. Now all small things are straighten out!

Pink bubbles for Valentines Day

It is a lot of discussions about what to drink on Valentines day and many of us seems to be very focused on Pink bubbles. I like the idea and just say Go ahead!Personally I'm going to drink my pink bubbles tonight and probably "normal" bubbles tomorrow. But we will see.

I just wanted to give you some Cava inspiration when it comes to pink bubbles. But since I have no idea what brands and bottles that are available where just YOU are, I'll just go crazy and recommend some that I just like. And this is no ranking, just nice Cavas!

  • Juvé y Camps rosé, made from Pinot noir.
  • Segura Viudas rosado, made from Trepat and 10% Granacha.
  • Pere Ventura brut rosé, made from Trepat.
  • Mont Marcal brut rosé, made from Trepat.
  • Freixenet Cordon rosado, made from 70 % Trepat and 30 % Granacha
  • Freixenet Elyssia rosé, 85 % Pinot noir, 15 % Trepat
  • Codorniu Pinot noir rosé, 100% Pinot noir
  • Gramona Rosé, 100% Pinot rosé
  • Vilarnau Rosé,  90 % Trepat and 10% Pinot noir




Now when we have gone through all the green grapes that are allowed when it comes to Cava production, it is time for the blue ones. We will start off with Trepat, which I think is my favorite blue Cava grape. This grape is very special and is not used much elsewhere, as far as I know. Trepat buds early, but takes a long time to mature. Because of this it is among the last variety to be harvested. Trepat grows in relatively large, bright blue almost purple bunches and is strong and durable in nature. The grapes from Trepat may, under current regulations only be used for the production of rosé cava. And is the only grape that is subjected to restrictions when it comes to use. Trepat is a wonderful grape that offers fruity wines with medium alcohol and balanced acidity.

Rosé caves made on 100% Trepat is not very hard to come by. At least not in Spain...

If you are curious on cavas made on Trepat I can suggest the following, which should not be too hard to find.

Freixenet makes a great 100% Trepat, that is a vintage. So this Cava  will of course change a bit depending on the harvest. Personally I think that makes everything so much more exciting! This cava is just called Trepat 2006 (or what ever vintage it might be). It is very light in color, and very fruity. I love it!

The house of Vilarnau also has a Brut rosé based on Trepat, but here they have also added 10% pinot noir. It is a fresh and fruity Cava with a great pink color. Vilarnau also has a great design in my opinion.


The house of Mont Marcal also makes a very nice rosé cava with 100% trepat. And like Vilarnau they have a great design on their over all range in my opinion. The rosé has very nice fruity cherry notes and is over all very elegant.





Last but not least the producer Pere ventura should be mentioned, since also they have a great rosé cava made from 100% Trepat. This is also a great fruity cava with all those red fruits that are so great with trepat. I think this was one of my husbands favorites, last we visited the area, if I'm not mistaken.


But he does seem to have developed a special love fore the Trepat The rosés made on the Trepat is different from the once we are normally used to, since they are often made on Pinot noir. And I must say that I like the trepat maybe just because it is a bit special. If you try one, please let me know what you thought about it. Either in the comment field here below or send me and e-mail at: Anna@annawallner.se