A day for foodies and other lovers of life!

This Saturday we spent with other food and wine loving friends. We were chefs, food bloggers, crasy foodies, food stylists, photographers, authors, sommeliers, youtubers, (and others), who met up to fill a whole day with just food, wine and nerdy things that has to do with just those two things. We learned how to "style" food for pictures, cook absurdly nice desserts (and learning all the tricks to make it look advanced when its not), tried some extremely nice cavas and cooked more strange food. All this thanks to my friends who run the food blogg "glimten i grytan". Me and Karin did a Cava TV episode about cava and swedish Semlor a while back). Here below you can see how the day developed in pictures. IMG_2740




IMG_2752 IMG_2750









After this we went home and slept like loggs! But the day was amazing and we met so many new friends that have the same interests as we do. Hopfully we will all keep in contact through social media. Thanks to everyone who particiapted and a million thanks to Karin and Ulrik who organised it all. AND a big thank you to all the producers who made the fantastic cavatasting possible!







Semlor and Cava - A visit to Karin and the foodblog "Glimten i grytan"

This passed Sunday we were at my friend Karins house to do a little test. How well does sweet cava and the classical Swedish pastry "Semlor" go together? Since I have the cava and Karin is a great baker and cook (hence the foodblog I guess ;-) ) it seems like we are a great combo. You can see for your self on this weeks CavaTV episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6HNC6opBcY

I did promise to give you the background on the cavas we tried and to link to Karins recipe of other semlor. So here are the amazing semmel recipe first:

Bluberry semlor with Baileys

blåbär och bailys








Valentine semmlor

valentin semla

Petit-chou semmlor

petit semla








The Cava we tried was Freixenets Carta Nevada, a real classic, then Ambrosia from Mascaró and Nectar Terrenal from Llopart. They were all good combinations to be honest. The sweetness i the cavas met the sweet pastry and made it a bit less sweet which was a nice balance. The bubbles really lightens up the fatty cream and makes the heavy taste much easier. My favorite combination was with the Mascaró and Karin preferred the Llopart. But here comes some more technical information about the three.

carta-nevadaCarta Nevada semi seco Made from equal parts of xarel-lo, macabeo and parellada and aged for between 12-18 months. A dosage of 34 grams of sugar per liter. It is fruity and alit flowery in its character, easy and uncomplicated. Usually available "everywhere" since it is Freixenets bigest products.

cava-ambrosiaMascaró Ambrosia Made of parellada (60%), macabeo (30%) and xarel-lo (10%) and aged for a minimum of two years, this cava is a well made reserva. It is very fruity and full-bodied with some nice aging notes.


llopartLlopart Nectar Terrenal Made from xarel-lo and parellada (50/50) and aged for a minimum of 18 months actually makes it a gran reserva. It contains 38 grams of sugar which makes it a Semi seco (NOT a dulce as I said in the  video. I'm sorry for that mistake!). The liquor expedition is aged in oak barrels which gives this cava a special character with toasty toffee notes. But it is also very fruity.




Programa Terra i Vi - great short programs!

Andréas and me have for a long time wondered why there is so little information about Penedès and the cava and wine producers in a informative, simple and professional manner? It is so easy to create films, clips and use social media to promote whatever it is you want to promote. 
The individual producers are often great with social media, but there has been very quiet from the region at large. Of course I might have missed something, but if I did maybe that just tells us that it did not reach that many, at least not internationally where the big market is to be honest. Skärmavbild 2014-08-25 kl. 11.32.19Now the Penedès region seems to have pulled together and started short informative programs available on youtube called Programa Terra Vi. Absolutely fabulous! Finally! But unfortunately we seem to have to wait for the versions with English subtitles, because as always it is all in Spanish. The Youtube translation service does not work in an optimal way unfortunately.

The programs are around 13 minutes long and focuses on one producer in each program, plus some information about winemaking in general. It is all very structured and inspirational, and at the end of each show Ton Collet, sommelier at Vinseum Taverna, gives a few opinions about some of the chosen wines from the producer in question. 
It is great to see Ton in action, and that his great knowledge is put to good use. Ton has thought Andréas and me so much about local wines, and we always get a great recommendation when we want to try something new at the taverna.


So far there are thirteen shows available that focuses on the following producers: 1. Sumarroca 2. Heretat Mont Rubí 3. Loxarel 4. Domènech Vidal 5. Nadal 6. Llopart 7. Oriol Rossell 8. Albet i Noya 9. Mas Bertran 10. Mas Tinell 11. Can Bas 12. Vilarnau 13. Can Descregut

I can really recommend them if you want to learn more about the region. Well done to D.O Penedès who is the organisation behind the movies!

We want to see more of this! And hopefully in english!

The book is on the way to print!

My goodness!Even though it was less than two years ago we did the first book I had forgotten how much back and forth mailing it was at the end. Now the second book is finally ready it seems, and is sent to print. We are so excited both me and Andréas. Especially about the fact that we have been able to write about the things we love about Barcelona and Penedès.

We have also had the great opportunity to present 19 producers, and we hope that this will make consumers in Sweden more interested in the area, cavas and the people who make them.

As always we have tried to be as personal as possible. :-)

I cant give you the entire inside of the book but this below is the intro to the chapter about the producers. I'll let you know when it is available in the stores.

Sunny and bubbly regards!


Another year has passed

It is amazing how fast a year can pass. On the 13th of December we had some friends over for dinner and the subject of 2013 came up. We could all agree that it has passed by us while we have been thinking about other things. Well maybe not entirely true, because we have been extremely busy as usual, but somehow we now stand here at the end of the year and remember very little of what we have actually done. So I thought I’d share some pictures with you so you can see what we have been up to, and maybe some pieces of the puzzle will fall in the right places for me too, memory  wise.

And I also want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve and a marvelous 2014!


Nominated "Best Europena wine book" at Gourmand Awards in Paris.

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve   pighuset 1

Found new Cava bars/restaurants in London (Copa de Cava) and on the island of Gotland (Pighuset)


Got a visit from one of the big swedish newspapers who wrote a great article. You can find it here if you read Swedish. :-) Anna was also in a cooking show talking about Cava. You can see it here.

DSC_1001DSC_1003  DSC01431

Fantastic updates on how the spring was developing at Juvé y Camps from our friend Antonio, who also turnd out to be a great photographer. And you migth find some of his pictures in the new book if we are lucky.

IMG_0006 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0021 IMG_0012 IMG_0023

Investigating the Cava supply in Stockholm's archipelago, and bringing some of our own as well.

_MG_7545  _MG_7547

Hosting some tastings on one of the crusing ships in Sweden. Happy people!

jessi022bottlesandmaker033statybarbara and JoanmrBmariayannautsiktoldcavameramustanna och jordibildtheboysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Visiting our fantastic friends in Penedès, which is our favorite thing!

Confraria 5

Receiving the Confraria de merit, which was a great night an honor!


Of course more things ave happend, but these are the major things. :-)