KETO or LCHF? - Brut Nature cava is the answer!

About one year ago I started to cut down on carbs to get rid of those last signs of having had two babies in two years. What I found out when I did cut out most of the carbs was that my always returning urine infections disappeared! Nothing could have made me happier since I was terrified of becoming resistant to antibiotics. 
I have since then tried to cut out as many carbs I can, failing and picking myself up again. 

During this time I have also gone really in to the brut nature cavas. I have of course always loved them but now I have really actively chosen them over others. 

If you are into KETO or LCHF for strict weight loss, you should of course cut out also alcohol. But if you like me, love a glass of bubbly and can't really see the point in cutting this out just for the sake of that extra kilo, then Brut Nature cava is the perfect wine!

Brut Nature Cava does not contain any sugar! (Almost...)

The rule for Brut Nature cava is at the producer is not allowed to add any sugar. But the neat thing is that due to the fermentation process within the bottle that goes on for a minimum of 9 months, the yeast has plenty of time to consume basically ALL sugars, only leaving maybe 1 gram perhaps 2 grams of sugar per litre!


There are of course other bubbles that have no added sugar, like zero dosage champagne. But what is preferable with Cava is the fact that most cava blends contain the grape Xarel-lo. This Catalonian grape is the commercial grape that contains the highest levels of antioxidants that we currently know of. And we all read about how great antioxidants are, right!?

So next time you want to treat yourself to a glass of wine, maybe a cava brut nature wont interfere too much with your diet? I know it doesn’t with mine! 

CHEERS and happy brut nature hunting!

Here are just some sugestions on what to try!