Bottles that will keep you going until spring comes!

Do you like me long for Spring?I hate this cold, snow, ice and gloomy weather, so much that I have become totally addicted to tulips! Maybe because I can't enjoy bubbles in the same way as before due to a growing belly. But I thouht I'd give you all some tips regarding nice bottles that might help you brighten up that gray winter day! All these bottles are also avalible at the swedish monopoly, for all you poor people that share my unfortunate situation of beeing stuck here in the snow.

IMG_1030.JPGBombonetta by Jaume Giró i Giró, This bottle is one of my long time favourites from the winemaker Ramón. It is a brut Gran Reserva aged for a minimum of 40 months. Grapes: 38% Xarel.lo, 17% Parellada, 17 % Macabeu 15% Pinot Noir and 13% Chardonnay. Wonderful fresh stye with flowers, nuts and baked goods in the nose. Great soft bubbles. At the monopoly in Sweden you can now buy this bottle for 229 SEK, which is a GREAT price! (Special ordering segment nr: 77591) A real "must buy"!



de nitDe Nit by Raventós i Blanc, This sparkling wine (Raventós left DO Cava in 2012) gives me real spring feelings! It is a very pale rosé, that is super crisp and elegnat. I LOVE it! It is an extra brut Reserva aged for a minimum of 18th months. Grapes: 42% macabeu, 37% xarel-lo, 14% parellada and 7% monastrell. Super fresh with its white grape base, but with a rich fruity pallet that really makes you think of spring. And nothing makes you long for summer as a rosé! Can be bought at the monopoly for 169 SEK. (Special ordering segment nr: 77423)

OliviaOlivia by Castell D'Age If you are looking for something ecologic this cava is a great spring choise. It is actually aged in oak, which gives a little touch that I like. It is a Reserva brut nature, so no added sugar. Grapes: 100% chardonnay. This cava is my clear favourit from this house. It is fruity, with clear notes of bread from the ageing but those subtil oak notes realy make it that extra special. It can be bought at the monopoly for 171 SEK. (Special ordering segment nr: 77169)

These are my three tips for right now! Hope you like them!

Bubbly hugs!!



CavaTV london episode is up!

Hi dear bubble lovers! If you are not following me on twitter, instagram or Facebook, you might have missed that the new CavaTV episode is up. This time I have been to London with my girls! I bought som cava at Marks & Spencer´s, and if you want to find out how it was you can click here!

IMG_2600 Starting out with lunch at Ponit's italian kitchen! Really nice food and so good with a glass of wine to start off the "girls weekend"!











On our way to Camino and Copa the cava and of course I have my wonderful Wearing memories ring with me, and this time a cap from Raventós i Blanc's De Nit, which is one of my many favorites. IMG_2616








So great to finally visit Copa de Cava and Camino. It was a really great night with fantastic food and cava from Gramona.





IMG_2621Richard who owns and runs Copa the cava took the time to see us and treated us to a couple of glasses of cava before dinner. Great to chitchat with another cava lover. IMG_2654




I also had the time to take a walk in Hyde Park. I have always loved these kind of english benches with inscriptions on the back. i think I have to buy one for our garden at home. IMG_2660



This gang was out riding their bikes all dressed up in tweed. Apparently they were a part of the annual "tweed run". Personally I LOVE tweed and thought this was a great idea!IMG_2675




At the afternoon tea we went to they had wonderful marmalade with short captions on the inside of the lids. It made us all so happy. So all in all a great weekend with shopping, food, wine, cava, great friends and fantastic weather! We will do it soon again!

Wedding plans? Here are some tips on bubbles!

Getting married is the best thing I have ever done! I could not be happier or wish for anything more. Appart from more Cava in the cellar perhaps. ;-) If you are in the wedding planing mode right now, I just have one thing to say; Congratulations! Even though it is much to plan and things to decide and you probably feel totally overwelmed with all the choices there are out there, it is still a one in a life time thing. (lets hope) And it is just wonderfull that you found that special one that you want to share the rest of your life with and that this person feels the same about you. Not everyone is that lucky you know. 

When I got married we wanted bubbles through the entire dinner, and so we had. I'm not saying that this is the natural choice fot you, but most couples whants to raise their glasses at some point during the day and say cheers, and very often you want just bubbles in your glass when you do that.

So here are some tips from me to you on some nice afordable Cava that will give your wedding that extra sparkle!

If you like pink and those fruity notes. Then I absolutely recommend you to try Vilarnau´s brut Rosé. It is bright pink, with an obondence of red berries in the nose and mainly fresh strawberries and rasberries as dominating tastes, with nice small boubbles. I have recommended this to many weddings passed and everyone has been so happy with it. Grapes: 90% trepat and 10% pinot noir. Price in sweden: around 11 Euros* You can find more information about it here!


de nitIf you want pink but abit more descrete. Then I would sugest Raventós i Blancs De Nit. A lovely, very elegant Cava that is just slightly pink, not even "salmon coloured" I would say. It is fruity but more crisp and subtle in its caracter and would suit anyone who would like elegance above all else, but still a bubbly with those fresh and fruity notes. You will find more about De Nit here. Grapes: 43% Macabeu, 33% Xarel·lo, 19% Parellada, 5% Monastrell

Price in sweden: Around  16 Euros*


If you want something pale and classic but in a trendy packeging. Pere Ventura is a very modern producer when it comes to lables and packeging, and I love it! Their Cavas is of the clasical stile though with alot of Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel.lo: I love their cavas but here I want to recommend their Brut nature Tresor abit extra. It is a pale, crisp Cava with fruity notes and hints of honey that comes from the aging. An elegant Cava for any wedding. Grapes: 40% Xarel.lo, 40% macabeu, 20% Parellada. Price in sweden: Around 14 Euros If you want to read more about Pere Ventura or Tresor you will find them here. 




*remember that Sweden is a high tax country and that you might find them to an other price where you live.





Sabering is always fun, ecpesially at a wedding! Here my husband Andreas does it perfectly!

New Cava at the Raventós i blanc family

Last October we had the pleasure to stay some nights at the producer Raventós i Blanc. Any of you following the blog also know that their De Nit is one of my favourites right now.IMG_0734

We had a lovely time there, and walking the vineyards in the misty morning is more beautiful than words can explain. Today I got some wonderful news in my mail box. Raventós is releasing a new Cava  on the 5th of June. The new vintage de la Finca 2009.

The team at Raventós describes it with these words: "This is a sparkling wine that finishes the philosophy that we started years ago when Pepe began to be the head of the winemaking and winegrowing in Raventós i Blanc, after 20 generations working in the same Estate, since 1497. We have dedicated all our efforts to this new de la Finca 2009 during the past 7 years, taking care of all the details: from the viticulture of bio – synergies that we apply in this 9 historic parcels dedicated to de la Finca, to its new presentation: simple and elegant."

I must admit that I'm excited about trying it when I visit Penedés in September.

If you want to read more about what is going on at the winery, I can recommend that you follow them on Facebook or Twitter where they are very active. Or you can of course visit their website.


Raventós i Blanc

After the weekend of Cavatast, we moved to Raventós i Blanc. They have been so kind as to let us stay in a little house they have on their estate, just above their winery. It is a wonderful place and we love being here. We have everything we need and never ever want to go home, even though we know we have to. Raventós i Blanc is actually on of the few Cava producer that has products available in Sweden. Their brut which is a mix of traditional grapes and very nice indeed, then their De Nit which as a pale pale rosé which looks like diamonds on a glass made from macabeu 50%, xarel-lo 25%, parellada 20% and monastrell 5%, and earlier they had one more avalible at the monopoly that I think is out now.

Raventós i Blanc also makes still wines and during our stay here we have had the great opportunity to try their red named 11, it is from the 2007 harvest and blended with 75% Monastrell and 25% Cabarnet Sauvignon. A fantastic wine that is fruity and spicy at the same time and with a silky touch. We just love it! Too bad we can’t get it in Sweden.

If you ever plan to go to Penedès and visit some wineries, I definitely recommend you to visit Raventós i Blanc.

Here are some pictures and I promise to add more when we have taken some.





Planing for future "Happy Friday Cava"

Here in Sweden we have a monopoly when it comes to alcohol, called Systembolaget. This makes it hard for me to suggest Cavas to the people living here since there is some planning needed if you want any Cavas over 99 kronor (about 10 €).There are in total 72 Cavas available at Systembolaget and 58 of these you have to order especially if you want them and wait for about 8 days for them to be ready for pick up. I know it is absurd!

So today when we are all getting ready for "Happy Friday Cava" it is not easy for us to just go and pick up the bottle of our choice. SO because of this I'm ahead of schedule and will today suggest a Cava for the Swedish readers to order, so if you are lucky you will have it for next Happy Friday Cava event! All of the rest of you living elsewhere are probably more lucky since you will most likely be able to buy this great Cava in a store not to far away from where you are right now, since as you see on the map below they are all over the world!

The Cava I'm talking about today is Raventós i Blanc De Nit

Raventós i Blanc is a fantastic place and I really recommend you to visit them when you are in Penedés next time. And of course their Cavas are wonderfull. But the one that caught my heart right away was the De Nit.

De Nit is a very pale rosé, so elegant in colour that is would suit any larger banquet or movie premier, because it will make anyone feel like a V.I.P or a moviestar.  It is so clear that it is like diamonds in a glass. It is made from the traditional grapes Macabeu (50%), Xarel.lo (25%) and Parellada (20%) but also has a twist of Monastrell (5%) that gives that special colour. It is fruity crisp and oh so elegant on the tongue.

So how do you get your hands on one (or several)? In Sweden you go up on Systembolagets website and you order it. It is only 149 kronor a bottle which I in my opinion is a bargain. And then you cross your fingers that Systembolaget will be quick about it! (77423 is the ordering number.)

If you do not live in Sweden I recommend you to have a look at Raventós i Blanc's website to see where you can get it. Or you can of course google it and have a look at all the web shops available.

I sincerely recommend you to try this Cava even though it needs to be ordered especially if you live in Sweden. But trust me, it is worth the wait!