I admit CavaTV is put on ice...

I'm sorry to say that CavaTV was abit more than I could handle at the moment. It is almost One year since I started and when I found ot I was pregnant again, it all just was too much to handle. Constantly tired, 100% work, a 1,5 yearold at home, and all the cava stuff. I don't have to explain but I want too. I will do my very best to keep up my "Cava Tips" here on the blog instead! Starting as I have told you before with the selection awalible at our swedish monopoly. But I will every now and then do them also in english since I know that you might be interested too.

So with this I will try to centre my eforts and really get it done instead and then we will see what happens with CavaTV in the future. :-)

CavaTV london episode is up!

Hi dear bubble lovers! If you are not following me on twitter, instagram or Facebook, you might have missed that the new CavaTV episode is up. This time I have been to London with my girls! I bought som cava at Marks & Spencer´s, and if you want to find out how it was you can click here!

IMG_2600 Starting out with lunch at Ponit's italian kitchen! Really nice food and so good with a glass of wine to start off the "girls weekend"!











On our way to Camino and Copa the cava and of course I have my wonderful Wearing memories ring with me, and this time a cap from Raventós i Blanc's De Nit, which is one of my many favorites. IMG_2616








So great to finally visit Copa de Cava and Camino. It was a really great night with fantastic food and cava from Gramona.





IMG_2621Richard who owns and runs Copa the cava took the time to see us and treated us to a couple of glasses of cava before dinner. Great to chitchat with another cava lover. IMG_2654




I also had the time to take a walk in Hyde Park. I have always loved these kind of english benches with inscriptions on the back. i think I have to buy one for our garden at home. IMG_2660



This gang was out riding their bikes all dressed up in tweed. Apparently they were a part of the annual "tweed run". Personally I LOVE tweed and thought this was a great idea!IMG_2675




At the afternoon tea we went to they had wonderful marmalade with short captions on the inside of the lids. It made us all so happy. So all in all a great weekend with shopping, food, wine, cava, great friends and fantastic weather! We will do it soon again!

I'm off to London so no Cava TV tonight

Tomorrow very early, me and my girls are off to London for a weekend of good food, wine and a bit of shopping (I would presume...). It will be my first weekend off on my own since baby E arrived, and I'm excited beyond words!! One more great thing with this trip is that I will FINALY visit Camino/Copa De Cava and its owner Richard Bigg. I have been following what he and his team has been up to for the last two years and also told Richard that "soon" I'll be coming over. But now finally I will visit London's best Cava bar and Spanish restaurant and see it with my own eyes. Of course I will bring my girls for a full night out with Cava at the table!

This is also the reason why I have not posted any episode for CavaTV today (Sorry about that). Because I'm honestly to busy with baby E and getting everything ready for the trip. And I promise I will try to do a Cava Vlog of this weekend.

So lets see what London brings when it comes to bubbles!

If you don't want to wait until next week to see what I find and how things are going, just follow me on Twitter, TheCavaLady!!

How to make candle lanterns out of old cava bottles

I got this great idea the other day! Or so I thought...Since I have so many old cava bottles and it always hurts to throw them away, I thought that I might be able to use them in some way. That's when I came to think about lanterns. I called my dad, who is "Mr Fix-it-all" and asked if he could take the bottoms off some of my bottles. He did help me to drill some holes in some wen I was making lamp feet some months ago, and I did not think that this was much different. But apparently it was, since dad started to rant on about diamond blades for the saw and the importance of how many turns per minute the saw did (since it can't go to fast... I don't know why) etc etc.

So to make a long story short I was advised to go to a glazier. And so I did. You can see how that went if you click the picture below. But I promise that you have not seen the last of the hunt for "How to cut glass yourself"

Happy Thursday everyone! 


Semlor and Cava - A visit to Karin and the foodblog "Glimten i grytan"

This passed Sunday we were at my friend Karins house to do a little test. How well does sweet cava and the classical Swedish pastry "Semlor" go together? Since I have the cava and Karin is a great baker and cook (hence the foodblog I guess ;-) ) it seems like we are a great combo. You can see for your self on this weeks CavaTV episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6HNC6opBcY

I did promise to give you the background on the cavas we tried and to link to Karins recipe of other semlor. So here are the amazing semmel recipe first:

Bluberry semlor with Baileys

blåbär och bailys








Valentine semmlor

valentin semla

Petit-chou semmlor

petit semla








The Cava we tried was Freixenets Carta Nevada, a real classic, then Ambrosia from Mascaró and Nectar Terrenal from Llopart. They were all good combinations to be honest. The sweetness i the cavas met the sweet pastry and made it a bit less sweet which was a nice balance. The bubbles really lightens up the fatty cream and makes the heavy taste much easier. My favorite combination was with the Mascaró and Karin preferred the Llopart. But here comes some more technical information about the three.

carta-nevadaCarta Nevada semi seco Made from equal parts of xarel-lo, macabeo and parellada and aged for between 12-18 months. A dosage of 34 grams of sugar per liter. It is fruity and alit flowery in its character, easy and uncomplicated. Usually available "everywhere" since it is Freixenets bigest products.

cava-ambrosiaMascaró Ambrosia Made of parellada (60%), macabeo (30%) and xarel-lo (10%) and aged for a minimum of two years, this cava is a well made reserva. It is very fruity and full-bodied with some nice aging notes.


llopartLlopart Nectar Terrenal Made from xarel-lo and parellada (50/50) and aged for a minimum of 18 months actually makes it a gran reserva. It contains 38 grams of sugar which makes it a Semi seco (NOT a dulce as I said in the  video. I'm sorry for that mistake!). The liquor expedition is aged in oak barrels which gives this cava a special character with toasty toffee notes. But it is also very fruity.