In honor of one of my "every-day-cavas"

As some of you  might be aware, we act under an alcohol monopoly in Sweden called Systembolaget. This function controls what can be sold to consumers in Sweden to a large extent. I won't go in to the details, but even though there are ways to shop "around" the Systembolag, the traditional way to get alcohol in Sweden is to go to one of the monopoly stores. 

In doing so you are all at the mercy of what Systembolaget chooses to sell. Luckily the cava segment is growing, even though very slow. BUT with that said there are some bottles that I buy on a regular basis and I thought I'd present one of them to you now. 


1+1=3 blanc de noirs Reserva

This cava was released in september 2014 at the Swedish monopoly, and I was so happy about that. Maybe a bit extra happy since I knew this was one of our friends, Florian and Veronicas neighbors cava house, and I had tried some of their other cavas before. It took me embarresingly long to learn the catalan name  of the company... U mes u fan tres. I just did not get it right and called them just 1+1=3. But now finally it sticks. 

U mes u fan tres 

The company that started in the masia Navinès, located in Guardiola de Font Rubí just recently moved into a new bigger winery and there finally Andreas, me and the kids visited them last summer. So much fun to FINALLY get there. Not only do they have this blanc de noirs at the monopoly but also a semi-seco (I will write about it in later posts).

Between running after a three and a one year old, we managed to try some cavas and wines in their portfolio and they do make some very nice stuff indeed. 

I keep on getting back to this cava and I do think I might be the person in Sweden who has actually bought the largest  number of bottles since 2014 accumulated....


1+1=3 Blanc de Noirs

Grapes: 100% pinot noir
Sugar: < 3 gr/L
Ageing: >36 months
Ecoogical: Yes
Description: Round, with nice acidity and doubles. Fruity but balanced with some aged notes of biscuit and nuts. 
Price in Sweden: 119 SEK