The Big Cava Charitytasting!

It is quite special to say the least to host a tasting for a hundred people, but special in the most posit ive sense.

On the 4th of May I had the privilege to host a tasting at Norrlands Nation in Uppsala, where all funds collected went directly to the renovations of the nations great hall. Im happy to say that we collected over 20 000 SEK! So thank you so much to all of you who came!

A SUPER BIG THANK YOU also goes to the four cava producers that made it all possible!! Vilarnau, Alta Alella, Castell D'Age and Juvé y Camps! You are the BEST!!


People were very excited upon arrival and sat down at tables of eight, together with both friends and new acquaintances. After an introduction of the renovations needed in the great hall preceded by Gustav, Norrlands nations representative, we started up with a short history of the region and rules about cava in general.

We did the tasting in two flights, starting with Vilaranau Brut Nature and Privat from Alta Alella. While I was giving the background on the two cavas, and also introducing more facts about the three signature grapes of cava, everyone started sniffing and comparing. It was clear that people were enjoying themselves from the discussions that emerged. What was especially mentioned with the two wines was the fruitiness and roundness of Vilarnau that many people liked, while the Privat was appreciated for its freshness and clean style.

The next flight was started with AnneMarie from Castell D'Age, but closely followed by Reserva de Familia from Juvé y Camps, for people to be able to compare more aged cavas. While everyone was sniffing and tasting, I talked bit about the difference of the aging criteria when it comes to Cava and Champagne, and also what notes one can expect with increased aging.

Some of the guests that were used to drink Champagne were very surprised over the aging vs. price, and admitted that aged cava is remarkably good value for money, which cava-lovers know since long back. ;-)

AnneMarie was appreciated very much for its elegance, while Reserva de Familia was liked for its well developed and round profile. Here we clearly had two groups with one who preffered AnneMarie and the other Reserva De Familia. But taking the two cavas personality in account I see this as a natural split in personal tastes, just as we found in the first flight.

Doing a small “Gallup” it was pretty clear that the people who preferred Vilarnau in the first flight, had Juvé y Camps as a favourite in the second. While the people who liked Privat also liked AnneMarie better in the second flight. On the whole it was a great event thanks to the happy and very interested crowd that came! I’m so happy and grateful that you all wanted to participate and made this possible!