I'm "dry", and it makes a difference

I have not had a proper glass of cava for a very long time now. It sounds serious I know, but it is just a temporary thing. But none the less boring mind you! Why this abstinence you might wonder? Well I’m pregnant again. Although I’m thrilled over the fact that our little family of three, will expand to four I must admit that being pregnant (although fantastic) is not as fun the second time around. I miss my bubbles! It’s not even that I drink every day or even every second day, it is that feeling of not having a choice that gets me. To sit back and enjoy a glass of cava after baby E has gone to bed, just talking to Andréas. Those wonderful dinners that he spends all that extra time cooking, are not the same and can’t fully blossom with just water to go with them. And not to mention all those new bottles in the cellar that I have never tried, that are now just waiting for me to get to the finish line. But I will get there at the end of May, don’t worry!

Last time when baby E came, we came to the hospital 13.00, E came 14.40 and we were home celebrating with bubbles at 23.00 that same evening. A very good day in every way I must say. Probably the best so far.  Last time we opened a Sir Winston Churchill from 1999, so this time I have started to think about what to put on ice when the time comes. I think it might just be a Turó D’en Mota. But first I’m going to act “taxidriver” to Andreas and our friends for four more months! But who’s complaining, when you have something this special to look forward too?! Not me, not really.