Turo d'en Mota maybe the best cava I've ever had

tdm2I did not believe it when I the other day was up on the Swedish monopoly’s website and saw that they will release Turo d’en Mota in a limited quantity on the 4th of December 2015! That is a rare thing for sure! For you who does not know this cava I will tell you a little bit about it. Turo d’en Mota is actually the name of a vineyard that is less than 1 hectare, and only planted with very old xarel.lo wines. They are almost 80 years old by now and give a very limited production, but the grapes are because of this extremely concentrated with flavor. This very special vineyard belongs to Ton Mata that is (after his father and grandfather and so on…) running the cava house Recaredo in the city of Sant Sadurní. Every time we visit Ton, we insist on going up to “check” on Turó d’en Mota, because it is such a special and lovely place. I remember very clearly when I first tasted this cava. It was that time the vintage of 2000 and it really blew me away. It was a real “eye opener” so to speak.

This cava is a full expression of the land it comes from. The old wines with roots going deep, suck up the essence of what defines Penedés. So old, but still so vibrant and full of life the xarel.lo that is this lands signature grape really delivers everything that is good, and makes a clear statement that cava can be aged with grace, no doubt about it!

If you are really interested in cava and sparkling wine, you know nothing before you have Turó d’en Mota as a reference in your “taste library”, that is the only thing I can say. If you think 899 SEK is a lot of money for sparkling wine, I do agree. But then think about this… For 949 SEK you get a Bollinger La Grand Année 2005, (I like this champagne very much, don’t get me wrong) that is aged for shorter time and produced in large numbers and that a lot of people have tasted. Why not buy something that is completely new to you, is aged for a longer time and produces in very small numbers, and have something really interesting an new to bring to the discussion next time me meet up with your bubbly friends. I’m just saying…

If you are interested the number is 97716 in the ordering selection at the monopoly.