Aurélia Castel D'Age

Every week I upload a short presentation about a cava that is available at the Swedish monopoly "Systembolaget". Why? Well, because I think that swedes should try more cava to realize (like the rest of the world) that cava comes in many shapes, former and sizes and that it is really great products (at least most often). Since one year ack I'm on maternity leave and  I have come to realize that it is not always that easy to squeeze in even a short film like in this case, when the baby is sleeping. Because now she is over one year old and does not really sleep that much any more. Hence I had to film with her running around today.

Anyhow. Aurelia from Castell D'Age that I tested today is a really nice ecological cava. It is a brut nature and a gran reserva. It is very fruity and elegant in its approach and not overly "bready", thinking about its over 30 months on the lease. I like the bubbles and the acidity and over all I would say it is fruity and elegant.

So I really think it is worth a try! In Sweden its 151 SEK at the monopoly, but you have to order it specially, which means that you can't just pic one up for the shelf... I know it is insane, but that is the way we work here.

Hope you try it and like it! Happy weekend to all! Bubbly hugs!


If you want to have a look at the Swedish episode you will find it here through this link:

2015-05-23 12.26.21-2