I talked to a friend...

I talked to a friend the other day who asked me about my cava interest and why I do it. Well... I said, I write articles, blog, run a YouTube channel with episodes every week, write books on the subject and try to stay on top of the social media flow on cava in general. -"And this you do on the side of your full time job?" She said curiously?

-"yes I do, and I do it without earning a dime" I said.

Her short reply and facial expression said everything... -"Why?"

Well I guess it is abit crazy, especially when having a one year old baby at home. And mind you, she always comes first! But I really do love cava and my cava producing friends in the Penedès, and one day when me and Andréas retire, we might live there full time and just look back at it all. And when we are there thirty years from now, I would have liked to have helped my neighbours at least a bit. Or at least to have tried to.

So that's why I do it....

...if you were wondering. 😉