Finally back at our second home in Penedès

Finally being back here in Catalonia is really fantastic. To celebrate we went to Sitges after a short meeting at Freixenet, regarding the book. The sun was shining and after a walk along the blue water, we had a fantastic lunch with Paella and some Kripta. Pure luxury, but we were both agreed on that it was the right thing to start the vacation with a bang!What is interesting is that a bottle of Kripta (which is a FANTASTIC real cult cava) cost about 45 € here, and for that price in Sweden you would basically get "the house wine", when going to a restaurant. So it is really easy to spoil oneselfe going out to eat here.

But as you know pictures say more than thousand words!




artichoces for dinner?

The big house

24 C in the pool!

Fresh eggs in the morning!

Roses every where!

This is our second home and Florian and Veronica are always taking such good care of us! So now we have until Sunday to relax some, with some friends coming on the weekend. But on Sunday our first group arrives for a four day guided tour with visits at wine producers, walks in the vineyards and fantastic food and cava. We are so excited! (We are staying at CalRuget Bio Hotel)

Great paella is really a fantastic dish!

Kripta for lunch is a rare treat!


After a great lunch came a great dinner with four courses, all cooked by Florian. Gaspacho, then sallads from the garden, fried Lamb and  at the end mandarine sorbet for dessert! Yummy!

A great snack before dinner and cava from Mas Comtal!

A sallad from the garden, really to die for!