Girls night and Gramona Imperial

With a baby you don't have the luxury to decide over your own time as much as you used to, and that's fine. But when you do have some time to sneak away, it is all that sweeter. I had that chance this Thursday when I went to see my friend Anna in town. She fairly recently moved in to a new apartment so I was eager to see both her and her new place.Anna did the cooking and I brought the bubbles, which is a fair deal by me. ;-) I know that Anna has an interest in wine so I decided to bring the Gramona Imperial I found a couple of days earlier. And I was not wrong in my choice because she LOVED it. Happily I could inform her that it will be available again in Sweden on the 1st of May.


It is so important to get some time alone with friends, and I'm happy to say that Anna, me and some other girlfriends of ours are going to London on Friday! Three days with the girls while Baby E is home with Andréas. Among other things we will check out Copa De Cava and give you a report on how that is on CavaTV when we get home. I'm also curious on what cavas are available in stores, so stay tuned on Instagram (thecavalady) and on twitter (@Thecavalady) to get updates as it happens. I'm so excited about our "girl trip" so I could die! London get ready because here we come! In the mean time you can always check out the last CavaTV episode here.