How to make candle lanterns out of old cava bottles

I got this great idea the other day! Or so I thought...Since I have so many old cava bottles and it always hurts to throw them away, I thought that I might be able to use them in some way. That's when I came to think about lanterns. I called my dad, who is "Mr Fix-it-all" and asked if he could take the bottoms off some of my bottles. He did help me to drill some holes in some wen I was making lamp feet some months ago, and I did not think that this was much different. But apparently it was, since dad started to rant on about diamond blades for the saw and the importance of how many turns per minute the saw did (since it can't go to fast... I don't know why) etc etc.

So to make a long story short I was advised to go to a glazier. And so I did. You can see how that went if you click the picture below. But I promise that you have not seen the last of the hunt for "How to cut glass yourself"

Happy Thursday everyone!