It is close now! CavaTV is coming your way!

I know that I have been extremely bad with writing on the blog for a long period now, but soon it is more or less over with the writing and then you see me instead.The reason for my absence is that I have been focusing all my spare time (which is not much with a four month old baby on the arm) on the new you tube project. Andréas has gone all in and bought a drone/helicopter, so we will be able to film vineyards and landscape better when we are in Penedés. So in the spring you will get a pretty good idea how Penedés looks like, when Andréas goes crazy with his new toy!

We have also bought lamps and other stuff that I have no idea how they work, so I'm completely dependent on Andréas. I have also received a lot of help from my fantastic brother who works at a PR agency with the design and logo for the channel. I have not seen it yet though so I'm very exited.

We are planning to launch the first episode before x-mas with four suggestions on what you can buy for New years or just have and enjoy during the holidays.

I'm really nervous about this and how I'll do and if I'll be able to keep you interested. But I'll do my best!