Food on Youtube, but where is the wine?

I have during some time wondered why the chefs and professional food bloggers are so successful on Youtube, while the wine people, sommeliers and enthusiast are nowhere to be seen. Well the channels I have found, talking about wine are at least not half as good, funny and professional as all these foodies. Just look at Jamie Oliver for example, with his “FoodTube” community… Absolutely fantastic! I love Cupcake Jemma, French guy cooking, Donal Skehan, and many others that all talk about food. Luckily I love food and cooking and the best thing is when I can enjoy it with wine. Well there is also the DrinksTube… which is great, but there is to few who are talking about wine! So now I have decided to take matters in to my own hands, at least the cava part and before x-mas I’m launching CavaTV. But I have one problem… How do I make a “well made/filmed”, fun to watch and good content youtube channel?? The answer to that is still unknown to me I’m afraid, so when I get started I will definitely need your constructive comments and ideas. I have done what I can though and involved Andreas for the technical part, my brother for designing a logo/banner (since he is in that line of work) and all those “look and feel” things, but I’m not sure about one thing… me. I don’t think I’m that photogenic on filmed media, I know I’m not in normal pictures. But maybe I will grow with the task? The only way to find out is to get started.

So the plan is to release the first episode before x-mas and then produce one episode a week, which will be interesting with a four month old baby to take care of…

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!