Sweden has monopoly and Denmark has diversity...

Two weeks ago we visited our friend Lars in Denmark who imports cava, and sells to the Danish people (lucky them!)IMG_1061. Lucky for us we could load up the car so that we could fill up the cellar. We even had cava in the front seat. But not all of us are so lucky. Most Swedes are limited entirely to the assortment of cavas that are available at our state monopoly "systembolaget". I wont go political, but I see that there are many producers that are not represented at Systembolaget due to the difficulty to get in. I honestly think this is a shame, and hope that the Swedes some how will get a wider selection of cava to choose from. In the mean time I can recommend vild med cava if you are planning a trip to Denmark. our new bottles!

Lars is not only active selling cava, but also promoting it through fairs and seminars, and this passed weekend he talked to over 1000 people _on the wine fair in Copenhagen. At his side were also Institut del cava, to let people know about the diversity of cava. During the weekend it was also possible to listen to Lars on the seminar he held on Gran reserva, which was very well visited. I was happy to get the news from Lars that everything had been very good and that the cavas they brought to the fair had been very well received. Maybe we have the opportunity to visit the fair next year!