The new book is out!!!

"Of course we can write a new book" we said last summer when we met the publisher on a very warm day in Stockholm. "no that won't take long we have a lot of the material already!". My goodness how wrong we were!! Never could I expect how much work it would be again. Three extra trips to Penedès (not that we are complaining), to take pictures and get those extra questions answered by our friends the producers. One extra trip to Barcelona just so take pictures that we thought we had already, but apparently didn't.

But now it is finished and out in the stores! FINALY!

So for you who read swedish (because it is only in swedish now to begin with) go ahead and order your copy from one of the online stores. If you what a signed one.... let us know and we will do our best to fix you one as soon as we get the little supply we are expecting.

We hope of course that you will start to plan your trip to "Cava country" right away!

A bubbly cheers and hooray for me and Andréas!!