Confraria del Cava!

confraria 6 Last Monday was a very special day. Not only because the sun was shining on Penedés and Sant Sadurni d'Anoia and the autumn colours had started to be seen among the wines, but mainly because of the fact that I could attend the ceremony at the Confraria del Cava.

Last year when I presented my first book at the Cavatast I was honoured with the title Confraria de Merit, which is an honorary title that the Cava order (the confraria), bestows on the people that they think has worked especially well in the interest of Cava. Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony last year, so I came this year instead.

confraria 4The evening started in good Spanish time 21.30, with some cava while we waited for the ceremony to start. When all the people (about 280 of us) had taken their seats in the cellar, everything started and now the Catalan began... I really need to learn Catalan! Apparently Uppsala university (where I live) is the only university in Sweden where Catalan is actually thought, so maybe I should give it a go. :-)The president of the Confraria, our friend Toni de la Rosa y Torelló, was so kind as to switch to English when he talked about me, so I could at least understand that part. As the initiations continued, the temperature in the cellar increased and I thought to my self that it is a good thing for the barrels that there is not always that many people there to disturb their peace. After all the "secret stuff", medals and diplomas, there was time for more photos and cava! Jippiii! And then we all went upstairs to have dinner. The first course was served at 23.57, and after the five lovely dishes we took our farewells short after two in the morning.

Confraria 1

It was a LOVELY evening and I'm so happy to be able to call my self "Dama Confrare de Merit"! And I promise to do my very best to live up to it. And as soon as I get my gigantic diploma sent home to me, I'll frame it and put it on the wall.

A very big thank you to all my wonderful cava friends that made the evening unforgettable! You know who you are, and you know we lover you!

PS: The Roca brothers of "celler de Can Roca" (you know the elected best restaurant in the world 2013) was there too, and received an honorary title. Its the three men in the green capes in the first photo, if you don't recognise them. ;-)

PS2: I'll post more pictures on facebook if you are interested.


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