Our two friends on the hill

viewAt the top of Espiells, at Juvé y Camps we have two dear friends, Toni and Antonio, that we visited one afternoon during our trip. We love coming back here, and it has become a steady event every time we are in the area. During our visits we have gone trough the vine yards, learned about pruning the vines, learned how to propagate yeast, seen the manual riddling halls, tried Swedish white wine and compared it to  one of the whites of JyC (interesting to say the least...), and of course tried many cavas in the amazing tasting room with the view over Montserrat. We just love it here, there is no denying it!



This time we are gathering some more information for the book, but mostly we just want to see our winemaking friends, and see how everything is going with them and the harvest. Unlike many of the other producers we have met this week, JyC is (at the time of the visit) far from ready with the harvest. Still they have the parellada and all the reds to go, so we understand that it has been a looooong harvest, but good.


Like always we have a great time! We also have the great honor to try some new cavas that are being developed, and like all JyC's products the quality is fantastic. We just can't wait for these two new "babies" to come out on the market! We also try the award winning red wine Johannes, that is so good that Andréas just does not want to leave. :-)

After some hours with great conversation, cava and many laughs, the sun starts to set and we leave the boys to their work.

skyI know we will see you on Friday but I still want to thank you so much for this visit and hope that all will go well with the rest of the harvest and the reds! (Hoping they will be harvest before christmas!)  ;-)