Bertha; A new winery is beeing built

maxBertha is one of the producers that we have been wanting to visit for a long time, but not got around to it. But now we finally did!

mrBI first tried Bertha when I bought a bottle at our favourite cava shop in Sant Sadurní, Cal Feru. To be honest I bought it because I thought the label looked nice and that I had seen the sign outside their doors in Sant Sadurní, just very close to the restaurant CalBlay. I took the bottle to our friends Patrick and Rosó, and we were all agreed that we liked it very much. Since then Bertha has been a producer I have been wanting to visit.

We meet Pep the owner and Gil the export manager, who take us on a tour in the small winery in Sant Sadurni. But things are cooking at Bertha and soon the new winery outside town in the middle of their wine yards will be ready, and it looks GREAT! It is really exciting and will make everything so much easier says Pep. And that is understandable because the site in town is not very large, and the extra space is welcome. The plan is that the new site will be ready to move in to at Christmas, so when Andréas and me comes back in the spring we will definitely visit Bertha again to see how things have turned out.

meninmirrorWe also have the chance to try some of their cavas and one thing that is very obvious with all the cavas we try at Bertha is the mousse. It is fantastically integrated and fine like velvet. Pep explains that this is something that is essential when it comes to the style of Bertha. We love it, bacause the mousse is such an important part of cava and sometimes something that is put in the shadow of structure, acidity and aroma when discussed.

Bertha makes about 190 000 bottles of cava every year and their portfolio include many fantastic products. boxofberthaOne of their newer cavas are the two called "Lounge", one blanc in a blue bottle and one rosé in a red bottle. Very special design and something that is perfect to serve in the afternoon, as an aperitif or if you want something fresh to your seafood. Lounge has the same small bubbles significant for Bertha, and is lovely.

All in all we have a lovely time and will drink a lot of Bertha in the future, that is one thing that is for sure!