At Agustí Torelló Mata

statyThe first winery here in the Penedés we ever visited was Agustí Torelló Mata, and since then we have been fans of their Cavas and always try to have some bottles in the cellar. Even tough our cellar is extremely empty right now.... need to do something about that! soil


This time we have the pleasure to meet both Agustí senior and his son Alex, as well at Antonio who is in charge of all the export. Together we go to the Agustí Torello Mata museum in Can Rosell, where we have not been before. The whole house and cellar breaths history, and with Agustí seniors fantastic collection of glasses, art and musical instruments, it has more than a life time of history within its walls. Here we can see the first glass oven where the bottles for Kripta was first made and also the first model to make the bottles. Here everything is about Kripta, and rightly so.

manbottleAgustí Torelló Mata is a producer that wants their cavas and wine to reflect their unique terroir. But it stands quite clear that macabeu is their signature grape, that acts as backbone in their cavas. Fresh and elegant all through the portfolio, also when it comes to the very complex and long aged Kripta. "Kripta is a Cava only for the people that understands and love Cava, it is not for everyone...", Agustí senior says. And I cant help to think for a while that, I hope he includes me and Andréas in this group. And luckily he seems to do that, since we soon have the opportunity to try Kripta together with its creator in the museum's "courtyard".

There are many stories that could be told, but I will just leave you with the comment that we love Kripta and the rest of the products of ATM, and if you have the chance to visit the winery, you should!