I'm on a boat!

_MG_7500Yesterday we packed our bags and went on a trip with "realationsbåten" The networking boat, which is a yearly event for the entrepreneurs and companies of Uppsala, to make new connections and find new interesting people and companies to work with.We were invited to host four Cava tastings, sponsored by the law firm Ahlford, which we were of course delighted to do.

It is quite different to host tastings on a large cruise ship I must admit, but lots of fun! To our help we had the wonderful staff of the boat's wine bar who were really amazing.

Coming from Sweden and the monopoly, it is always nice to find other Cavas on the menu, like the case here on the boat. This time we had the opportunity to talk about the houses Agustí Torelló Mata, Pere Ventura and Gramona, which was great. Starting with Agustí Torelló Mata reserva 2009, then Pere Ventura Cupatge d´Honor 2010 and finishing off with Gramona´s III Lustros, we had a nice line up and the hundred guests seemed to be very happy indeed.







After talking about the houses and cavas, I ended with asking which of the once they liked the best, and to my delight the crowd split on 1/3 on each cava. Me and Andréas love them all and was happy of course to see that the guests shared our opinion.

It has been a fantastic trip and we have has the chance to talk about Cava with wonderful people. We are also happy to report that the Taxfree shop on the boat ran out of Cava, so now when they make port they will have to stock up!

Before I finish I just have to leave you with the lonely Islands fantastic video that I just cant get out of my head! Enjoy and hope you will all have a good remaining  week!


PS: Next time you read anything on this blog it will be direct reporting from Penedes! Finally!

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