Review: Cavakungen (the cava king)

Last year was quite special when it comes to books being written about Cava. Not only did my book Cava Sparkling happiness come out (which was of course very special for me), but the first ever crime novel about Cava came out too. This is quite special, and as a Cava lover I was absolutely thrilled!! Cavakungen (The Cava King), is written in Swedish (sorry all non swedes), by the champagne expert Kåre Halldén. This is Kåre´s fourth book, having written two fact based books about champagne and one crime novel. With the first crime novel he has started a series he calls "wine crime". The first wine crime book is called the Champagne fürer, and is set in Epernay and the champagne producing circles. A very well researched book that tells a good story.

cavakungen utan bakgrundThe Cava king that is number two in the series, is set in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia, and tells the story about two Cava producing families that dominate the sparkling wine scene with their products. One on the export market and one on the internal market..... rings a bell? The unspoken "war" between these families are shaken when the French, champagne making, heroine (from the previous book) moves in to Sant Sadurni and starats making Cava. She comes a cross a terrible seceret that the families hide to save their production and people soon starts to end up dead.

After all my trips in the region, I do recognise many things in the book, as where the Cava orders house is situated on the way to Gelida, the road up to Espiells and not to forget the old broken oak outside Raventós i Blanc, where the book takes its start.

I love the fact that the book is set in Penedés, and that I almost feel like I'm there when reading it, but I cant help to think that many of the characters in the book are inspired by the people I have learned to know and call my friends, and this leaves an unease in me. I know it is silly, the book is of course all fiction, but it will be interesting to hear what the friends say when I see them soon.

I can really recommend Cavakungen if you master the Swedish language, and if you don't you can always hope that it will be translated in to English. It is easy to read, gives a good idea about what Penedés looks like while telling a well scripted murder story. But when you read it please do me a favour and keep in mind that all producers and people in the Anoia valley are among the kindest and most warm hearted I have ever met!

You can buy Cavakungen through both normal book shops in Sweden and through the big web shops. Happy reading!