What about Mondays?

There is something special about Mondays.It is like the circle has done a turn and we are all starting anew.

While many of my colleaugs at work seem to focus on what they have done during the weekend and feeling abit anoyd that they can not controll their own time anymore, when back at work, I'm having other feelings compleately.

On Monday morning my brain seem to go into a very special mood. Often I wake up with the feeling that I'm in no hurry, and while I get dressed, make my tea and have my mornig snack, my brain start to wonder off. All the way down to work (which is a one hour drive), my mind drifts from one subject to the other and I often find myself outside work not really recalling the drive down.

måndagarThe "mind drifting" continues at work where tasks and plans for the week (workwise)get interupted by thoughs concerning, my life, my future, the people I love, and so on. And all of this in a very strangely mixed way of feelings wanting to be creative but still structured. And I think we all agree that trying to be structured usually kills the creativity.

And so my mind continues to wander, sometimes sticking to something for a while and then beeing interupted by a coleauge coming by needing to comunicate something very important. And then again drifting off in thoughts about how the new book should be sectioned, how much I'd like to just sit and just nit, trimming the dog, trying to find new nice restaurants in Stockholm serving cava, the need to call my dad and see how the weekend was, seting up dinnerplans with my friends that just had their first baby, planing that rosé tasting I have been thinking about for so long, when to write those "to-do"-lists to actually get anything done, continue to do those changes to the website, just wanting to go for a walk, why I never find the time to read etc. etc.

And so it goes on until Tuesday when everything usually goes back to normal, and I have more control over my brain activities. I can't help to wonder why my Mondays are like this and what triggers it. But I have learned not to get to frustrated, and nowadays I see it more like a healthy stream of consciousness that my mind clearly needs to get out. There is nothing I can do about it anyway it seems.

It's strange and maybe I should just skip my Mondays just staing in bed.