What to bring on a small boat?

Soon, very soon, we are finally getting some vacation! On Sunday we are loading up our small boat and heading out in the archipelago. It will be lovely and I hope that the weather stays nice. My biggest problem is not what Cava to bring, or my laptop, crime novels, clothes etc. My problem is what food to bring! This is a very serious problem since our boat is 6 m long and has no kitchen part or fridge... so you can imagine what I see before me... 10 days with caned and dried foods... But since me and the husband loves food I'm sure we will come up with some smart idea, because we just have to. Luckely the archipelago outside stockholm has alot of nice places to eat at some of the bigger islands. So I hope I have the posibility to report some during the days out there, with food, drink and hopfully sun!.

Just stay posted!