Did someone say Champagne diet!?!

IMG_1245Ok, lets get one thing straight before we start...I know I said Champagne diet, but I'm sure that Cara (the author) is not discriminating against other dry bubbles made in the same way. ;-)

With that out of the way, I must say that how could any bubble lover restrain their self from reeding this book? I mean come on! Is not this what we all dream of, drinking bubbles all the time?! Of course! Everything else would be ridiculous!

I actually came across this book when my blogging colleague Casey http://www.travellingcorkscrew.com/ started to talk about it on Twitter. And as you might understand I got really interested just by the title. And this week I finally got the copy I had ordered from a Swedish online-store, and started to read at once.

The book is written by Cara Alwill Leyba, a very happy girl it seems, that lives in New York and is one of those people that has actually followed her dreams, and found what she loves. And just that makes me so happy, because is it one thing I love, its people who has the guts to do just that.

Although the book is called The Champagne diet, the core and essence of the book is actually not food, it is more a reformation of a mindset. And this I can really relate to. Cara preaches (in lack of a better word) happiness, celebration of life and body and acceptance.IMG_1246

I think that a lot of women and girls can relate to all the things that are aired in the book, to some extent. If we have not been obsessing about weight our selves, we know someone who have. And to be honest, we live with it every day, every minute, because it is all around us. Even if you want to get of the carousel it's hard when everyone else is on it. Of course we should all try to be healthy, and it is our own responsibility, but we also need to think about what is important in life, because frankly, it could be over tomorrow. You never know what happens. Since I found Cava I can honestly say that I have become so much better at enjoying life. I still have a long way to go and I do not nearly celebrate often enough, but I do practice. I'm still extremely bad at having "me time", since there always seems to be so many things that needs to be done. And I have a problem with always trying to please everyone. And all these things are addressed in The Champagne diet. It is not like I did not know this already, but it is very nice to have someone write about it, verbalize it and point out a solution, because then it all of a sudden feels more real and easier to grasp and control. IMG_1247

I'm sure that I will read The Champagne diet again and again. Not because I have a bad memory, but because it inspires me and makes me happy.  And I can really recommend it to anyone who likes bubbles or needs a push confidence wise, in the right direction.

If you want to find out more about Cara, I can recommend that you check out these options: www.thechampagnediet.com

The Champagne diet on: Twitter Facebook

Cara has also written the book Sparkle that I'm about to start reading now. But if you cant wait for my blogpost on it I can recommend you to read my friend Casy's here.

Now I'm off to bed, and now I'm to tired to do any reading to be honest. But before I go I want you to meet my cat, who has kept me company while writing. She is just too sweet. IMG_1251