Things are growing at Juvé y Camps

One of my friends in Penedès is one of the winemakers at Juvé y Camps, and he is so kind as to keep me posted on what is going on in the vine yards. This gives me a chance to keep up to date with how everything is going and what they think about the coming harvest. This spring has apparently been very wet and the risk for mildew has been higher than normal. But now when the summer has come we hope for good weather for the grapes so that they can grow in peace, so that we can get a good harvest after summer.

Last winter I visited Institute del Cava and some producers to learn how to prune the vines, and I had a great time an learned so much. One of the visits was at Juvé y Camps and apparently the vines I pruned still lives, so I can not have been to bad, which is nice.

The last report I got from my friend also included some spring pictures that I of course want to share with you. Straight from the winemakers camera! Enjoy!