New Cava at the Raventós i blanc family

Last October we had the pleasure to stay some nights at the producer Raventós i Blanc. Any of you following the blog also know that their De Nit is one of my favourites right now.IMG_0734

We had a lovely time there, and walking the vineyards in the misty morning is more beautiful than words can explain. Today I got some wonderful news in my mail box. Raventós is releasing a new Cava  on the 5th of June. The new vintage de la Finca 2009.

The team at Raventós describes it with these words: "This is a sparkling wine that finishes the philosophy that we started years ago when Pepe began to be the head of the winemaking and winegrowing in Raventós i Blanc, after 20 generations working in the same Estate, since 1497. We have dedicated all our efforts to this new de la Finca 2009 during the past 7 years, taking care of all the details: from the viticulture of bio – synergies that we apply in this 9 historic parcels dedicated to de la Finca, to its new presentation: simple and elegant."

I must admit that I'm excited about trying it when I visit Penedés in September.

If you want to read more about what is going on at the winery, I can recommend that you follow them on Facebook or Twitter where they are very active. Or you can of course visit their website.