A reserva with Royal heritage.

Produktbild Now we are in June, and none is happier than I, because this means official summer!

One good thing with summer is that even "un-bubbly people" understand that it is time to put some sparkling in the fridge. And I start June off with a recommendation that I came across on my first visit to Penedès and Freixenet.

Reserva Real was first created (I was told) in 1904 when the Spanish king visited the region and the cellars of some of the wineries. Freixenet had then prepared a special cuvée which is still alive and kicking today.

A blend of 80% Xarel-lo, Parellada and Macabeu and 20% reserve wine, ageing for at least 36 months on the lease, makes a full-bodied and complex cava. I especially love the cookie notes and the fine "velvet like" mousse that tingles on the tongue.

For us living in Sweden, we are lucky to find this cava at the monopoly for only 179 SEK, in the ordering section, nr 88959. So if you are interested to try something quite special, you should really try Reserva Real.