Cava next time you go to London?

First time I heard about Copa de Cava, was when Casey,  @TravelCorkscrew, wrote about it on her blog. A Spanish restaurant, Camino, in London, that on the 17th of May opened a bar focused on Cava. With a range of 29 cavas, eight by the glass, from £4.75 a glass up to Recaredo Reserva Particular 2002 at £95 a bottle, they must be the most well ranged Cava bar outside Spain.

I did of course contact Camino to congratulate them on their fantastic initiative. But unfortunately I couldn't fly over to the premier. But you can count on that I will be there as soon as I possibly can!

In the mean time I'm keeping up with what they are up to on Twitter, and if you want to do the same you'll find them under @Camino or on facebook.

London Evening Standard wrote about Cavas increasing status in London just two days ago, in relation to Copa de Cava´s opening. It is good reading

So next time you go to London I hope that you visit them and have a nice glass of Cava, and I'm sure you find one that you have not tried before.