A second book?

Things are always moving it seems. Never a quiet moment, and I know that I sometimes complain about it. But after all, I am the one making up my own schedule (at least after work), so I guess I can only blame my self. But it feels like I never keep up with my own plans, so I'll bet the answer is to not plan that much, right? But now I seem to have a new project cooking. Not only am I planning to do some filming for the blog, since some of you have asked for more tips on Cavas to try, and I'm of course happy to oblige. And maybe you'll have some more sabering films, who knows? ;-) But appart from that my publisher has asked me if I'm interested in writing a new book about Cava. So maybe you'll have a new book coming in a year or so. But we will see.

Any how I can not express how happy I am to be able to come home tomorrow and celebrate #Happy Friday Cava with my husband and fantastic neighbour. I have been one week on the road with work and miss home so much it hurts. But soon very soon, you will have a picture of me drinking Cava. That is a promise!