Sabering on a Friday

I have thought about posting videos for quite some time now, mainly to present different Cavas to those of you who are interested. But I have just not got around to it. Today it is Happy Friday and of course we are celebrating with a nice bottle, Selectio from Parès Baltá and we came to think that we could try to film when we saber it. Like an experiment, on how it works out with filming.

So here my friends is our filming test, me sabering a bottle of Cava. I have never practiced much, but now I have a new plan... you'll see soon enough. And I'm sorry, I did not think about it so I'm speaking swedish, sorry!

(The dog in the background at the end is Ville our dog and the people cheering is Andréas and our friend Johan. )

The film: Sabreringhigh

And to Lisbeth at who is an expert on the subject of sabering... aren't you proud of my first success? :-)

Happy Friday Cava every one!