Cava on the Swedish radio

In January and yesterday we could hear some talk about Cava on the Swedish radio.I'm not always happy with their attitude and sometimes they cant get their facts right. But I'm of course delighted that they recommend Cavas from the monopoly! First out was Lotta Bromé and Carl-Jan Granqvist on the 17th of january, who talked briefly about how you make cava and also gave us two recommendations. Sadly Carl-Jan says that Cava is a "method" of making wine while Champagne is a region... Some people maight missunderstand that.

Here you can listen to the program. If you understand Swedish :-) They recommend: Campo Viejo: nr 7782 at the monopoly for only 69 SEK Segura viudas Brut Rose: nr 7779 at the monopoly only 75 SEK

Then we had Vin i P4 who talked about Cava on the 25th of April (yesterday), with Anna Nilsson as expert. A very nice short program in two parts, and the only thing I have to comment on is that Anna says that you can make Cava anywhere in Spain, and that it is not controlled in the same way as Champagne, which is wrong. But apart from that it is a very nice program indeed.

You can find it here.

The recommend: Malvasia by Freixenet: nr 74222 at the monopoly for 149 SEK Anna de Codorníu Brut (nr 7369) 89 SEK Marqués de Monistrol Brut (nr 7710) 79 SEK

Well worth a listen if you have 10 minutes to spare!