Mia for your sweets

bild-1This week I had the chance to try Mia, a new wine from Freixenet made by the wine maker Gloria Collell. The Mia series is made up of three wines as far as I know, with a white, a red and this sparkling.

And I must say that I like this sweet fresh sparkling wine very much. It is made of Moscato grapes and is very grape specific with fruity and flowery notes. I tried it this friday together with my friends to our dessert. Nice ice-cream, some fresh fruits and whipped cream was a great combination and everyone liked it very much. But I think that a fresh sorbet or a fruit-sallad would be the optimal combination.

I can highly recommend this wine, and if you live in Sweden I'm happy to say that this is available at the monopoly. It has number 7897 and costs 49:-, so it is a real bargain! bild