Cava Emotions

The winter is holding on here in cold Sweden and they are telling us on the news that there will even be more snow coming next week! Seriously!?! It is the middle of March and we have -17 in the mornings. That is just not fair! All this cold makes me long for Penedès even more and soon I'll run out of Cava in the cellar as well. Then life will look very grim indeed.

But I get updates from my friends in Catalonia every week, and it is nice to see that the sun is shining and that they at least have all the Cava they need. :-) This week I got a mail from the great guys running CavaEmotions. A fantastic company helping tourists around the area on bikes, by foot or car or even horse I think. And the best thing is that you can go on their hikes completely on your own if you want, through trails mapped in a software you can download to your Smartphone or Ipad. So you basically just download the trail you want to go, if it is hiking, by bike or car, and then you just follow it as you would on any GPS. And along the way you will get information about sites you pass along the way.

I must say that I am immensely impressed with Cava Emotions, and if you are thinking about paying lovely Penedès a visit, I definitely recommend you going up on their website to have a look.