I just LOVE Twitter...

...but I just don't remember to use it as much as I would like. I try to search for #Cava every now and then to see what is going on, and normally I'm met of so many happy pictures of people celebrating, enjoying nice food and having a great time with friends. It makes me so happy, since that is just how I see Cava; appropriate for any happy occasion.

If you want some nice tips on who to follow on Twitter to get Cava news and some input from Catalonia and the Penedés I suggest the following.

‏ @enoPENEDES For information about tourist Penedés @NicoJamesBCN My friend Nico, who is a Sommelier working in Penedés @calferu A fantastic Cava and wine shop in Penedés. Go there if you are in the area. @CavaEmotions Fantastic tourist solutions with bikes, hiking and cava tours ‏ @EvaPlazas My friend Eva the winemaker @cavatast CavaTast the BEST cava festival in the world, every October in Sant Sadurní @ilovecava The young Confraria del Cava @DiscoverPenedes The most updated news regarding what's on in Penedès @utomjording My friend Per who is an active Swede who does active tourism in Catalonia @Cavascanpaixano The world famous Cava bar in Barcelona

Cava Houses: @Cavas_Pedregosa @CanalsCasanovas @CavasMESTRES @CavasTorello @Vallformosa ‏ @mascarospirit @c_perelada @hseguraviudas @ATM_Cava @monistrolcava ‏ @MasBertran @RaventosiBlanc @CAVESVILARNAU @freixenet ‏ @cavatm @CavasGramona

Some are of course more active than others. :-)