The Gourmand Cook Book Awards 2013: The big night

On the Saturday we attended the fair and talked to a lot of interesting people from the wine world, both other authors and people just visiting. Many publishers were sharing ideas and titles to spread their books to other markets. All the nominated books were put up on show to the public's great interest.

The award ceremony started at 8 pm and we were there together with my publisher Grenadine, and other authors from Sweden nominated in different categories. It was a lot of categories and it took a very long time to reach the wine awards at the end.

To the left, happy Eliq with the prize Grenadine received for "Best publisher 2012". To the right some of the Swedish winners. Unfortunately I was not one of them, but just being nominated is fantastic, which means that I have written one of the five best books in Europe 2012. That is really much more than I could ever hope for.

The fair and the awards were held at the bottom floors of the Louvre and during the day it was crowded with tourists, going to the shops and the museum. On our way home the Louvre was completely deserted which was a strange feeling. Both inside and outside we were alone in the cold windy air. But a nice walk home to the hotel along the Seine which was almost overflowing with "spring water".

Even though we did not win the award or managed to find a single bottle of Cava on our tours around the restaurants and wine shops, it was a nice and fruitful weekend. And now I at least know that Paris is not a place to go if you want to enjoy anything else but French wine. :-) Even though I like Paris, I would rather go to Barcelona, every time I had a choice.

Me and Andréas would also like to thank Institut del Cava for helping us with planing the trip! We are so grateful for all your help!