The Gourmand awards 2013: The hunt for Cava in Paris

The problem with Paris, is that it is full of Champagne. Not that I don't like Champagne, on the contrary. But when you are in Paris to promote a book about Cava, the focus will naturally be Cava... ( every other day)

We landed around lunchtime and started our quest right away. Although the weather was everything but inspiring, we made our way to a Brasseri to have lunch. We realised quickly that there was no Cava on the menu, and that the beer was very expensive... a 33cl Heineken for 7,5€, while Bordeaux and Bourgogne and any other French wine was a bargain. You might wonder if there was wine from any other country on the menu?  Of course not this is France! ;-)

We continued after lunch to explore some wine shops, to try our luck. No Cava, No other wine except French, I'm not kidding. So we had a look at some more menus at restaurants without luck. So we went home to rest.

At 21.30 we had a table booked at Chez Janou, that our friend Joel had helped us with since we don't speak a word of French.

A fantastic small restaurant in the middle of a residential area, packed with people and so small tables that Andréas could hardly fit his elbows on it. Wonderful food, cozy and wonderful service, but NO CAVA. So we went home on a Friday without having had a single glass of Cava which was quite disturbing.

But altogether it was a great day, even though the weather was against us and the lack of Cava was profound.