Looking back on 2012 part one

Hope that all of you have had a nice Christmas and a fantastic start to the new year. I know I have. But this first weekend of 2013 I really feel like looking back on the year that has passed and remember the good things. Because there has been so many! So here I pressent to you my Cava year 2012.

January I was invited by Institut del Cava to learn about pruning. I just love to learn all these things and it was great to visit both old and new friends around Sant Sadurní.

I visited Recaredo and learned about pruning. The brown part is dead... I think it was

Pruning is not as easy as you think because every wine has to be treated differently.

I went to Juvé y Camps and here they were stacking bottled in rima, for the long rest.


I also learned how to prune bush wines at the beautiful vine yards of Espiells, among other things.

I also went to Raventós i Blanc for the first time and got a tour of their beautiful vine yards. I was also treated to a wonderful lunch and met Mr Raventós, which was very inspiring indeed.

I of course went to see Eva at Vilarnau to see how things were going. Here I learned about how to check the moisture in the earth.

At Parés Balta I could discuss even more pruning with Joan and Barbara, who also showed me their experiment on some wines, where they had not pruned for three years. It looked very much like something that could have been growing around sleeping beauty.

At Mont Marcal many of the vines were already pruned, and could have a look at the different ways the wines had been treated depending on age and verity. Here a very old Xarel-lo with "pistolas".

Then i had to go home to cold sweden and try to finish the book. Always nice to be home but it is very cold indeed.

We also had to finish up with some photos for the recipes for the book.

In May we loaded up the car and took our best friends Kajsa and Martin, and drew down to Sant Sadurní, to show them our favorite places.

I promise that the car had doors and a roof most of the time. But Paul the car also needed to have some fun in the warmth.

Beautiful Montserrat!

We tried to do some exercise.

We visited Mestres, which was fantastic, and with a great tour and tasting.

One day  we spent with Ramón at Giró i Giró. A tour of the cellar, and production...

Ramón taught Andréas how to disgorge a bottle of cava, with great result.

The girls were supervising...

Then the boys were in charge of the BBQ, which was truly delicious!

One day we visited Ton at Recaredo and got a chance to check on Turo d'en Mota.

We also met Bru who was working hard as usual.

At Vilarnau, Eva showed me around the lab.

and taught me about pressure and how to count yeast cells.

Back at Juvé y Camps, I got the chance to check up on the vines I pruned in January. They semd to all have survived.

Then we tried a swedish produced wine that we had brought, and compared it to on of the JyC wines. Interesting...

Kajsa and Martin went to Barcelona one day and visited El Quim in the Boqueria, among other things.

We went to Parés Baltà and looked at their bees

Josep showed us the waterfall...

...and we were really happy about that

And we of course tried fantastic wines! And a lot of wine was packed in to the car and we were very happy.

Me and Andréas visited Josi at Llopart, and learned about green pruning

Llopart has wonderfully beautiful wine yards overlooking Sant Sadurní and Montserrat.

I also think that our future dream house is on Llopart property. :-) Even though I know that Josi told us that they were thinking about renovating it up them selves to use it.

We visited Mascaró in Vilafranca

Here we tried a lot of nice cava and spirits, but most exiting was a 100% parellada cava from 1994 (I think it was). But some very very nice things came with us back home.

We stayed at our favorite place Cal Ruget of course

Florian and Veronica took us to the saturday market in Vilafranca and we paused to have a glass of refreshment. A very nice day, and so great to spend some more time together.

After some intense days we loaded up the car to go back.

It was a fantastic trip and we are doing it again this year, but under some kind of different forms. We just love to visit new and old friends and every time we learn something new.

To be continued...