Long time no see

I'm sorry for beeing absent. But the last work with the swedish translation of the book has taken all my time (after my "normal job"), so I have been quite stressed out. But now it is finished and sent to the printer. Delivery is pland to the first week of december, so cross your fingers and line up to get a copy. :-)  Now we are allready in November and it feels like time has just run by so quickly since we left Penedès. We miss it of course, but with some cava in the cellar we never miss a happy Friday cava. And today it is Friday!! Unfortunately I have to celebrate it alone with the dog and the crazy cats, since I'm working late and Andréas is off to see Chris Isak in concert. But I'm not complaining.

I at least wanted to let you know that the book will be called "Cava - bubblande glädje" in swedish. I will put it out on the web-shop as soon as I get it. So keep an eye out.

Happy friday everyone!

PS: I think I'll have some rosé when I get home.