Starting the day at Vallformosa

A great sunny morning and the days first visit. I must admit that I feel a bit strange travelling the Penedès without Andréas, but he had to go home so there is nothing much to be done about that. Vallformosa is quite a big winery and it is very easy to find the way since it is just outside Vilafranca and big signs show the way. And coming by car from Sant Sadurní it just takes 15 minutes.

It is a beautiful house and there is also a new centre where you can have meetings and tastings up to 350 people, if I remember correctly. But I was alone and met up with Angel, that showed me around.

We started in the garden, just by the house where the family still lives. And the winery is still run by the family members, all having different roles. They have been working very hard and Vallformosa is now exporting to many countries around the world.

What I like especially is that the family has taken care of all old things and you really get a good understanding of how complicated things must have been just 50 or 60 years ago.

The production now is very modern and effective, and it is no problem to handle the range of wines and Cavas made here.

At the end we of course reach the tasting room and I have the luck to be able to taste some great things. I especially fell in love with their rosé made by 50% garnacha and 50% monastrell. It is just so much Penedès in my mind.

If you are lucky (you living in Uppsala) I might put it in the rosé tasting I'm planning. :-)